Dr. Lola Day

Coach: Dr. Lola Day

ADHD trained life success & goals coach who helps women learn how to focus on what matters, so they can live joyfully and thrive in life

Tea Nguyen, DPM

Coach: Tea Nguyen, DPM

I help specialists develop the confidence and clarity to start building their dream Direct Care practice so that they can get over dealing with insurances and love medicine again.

Keira Barr, MD

Coach: Keira Barr, MD

I teach you how to heal your relationship with yourself by reclaiming a sense of safety, trust, pleasure and power through your body — which in turns cultivates self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence — and creates sustainable habits that align with their authentic truth.

Dawn Baker, MD

Coach: Practice Balance PLLC

I coach women physicians in two key areas: designing your own unique work-life balance and navigating an infertility journey.

Maryna Mammoliti, MD, FRCPC

Coach: Maryna Mammoliti

Professional Leadership, emotional intelligence and boundaries coaching to help you set your boundaries, design the career and life you deserve!

Catherine H. Toomer M.D.

Coach: TOTAL Wellness + Weight Loss

A health, wellness, and weight loss individual or group membership program to gain lifelong control and courage even if busy, overwhelmed, or feeling unheard.

Coach: Deanna Larson MD LLC

I teach physicians that they always have choices, even when they think they don’t. I meet them exactly where they are and try to humanize and normalize everything they are experiencing in healthcare today.

Coach: Mikel Segal MD

I empower people through coaching to build awareness and insight so that they can live with intention and create a more joy-filled, satisfying life.

Cecilia Cruz, MD


MARPE is a Life-Balance and Mental Fitness Coaching company created by a physician for physicians.

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