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Professional Leadership, emotional intelligence and boundaries coaching to help you set your boundaries, design the career and life you deserve!
I help professionals regenerate, prevent burnout, and transform toward their highest potential through a unique blend of psychology, science, life coaching, spiritual care and the wisdom of the ancient Christian faith.
I've had to learn the business side of medicine the hard. Learn from my mistakes.
A health, wellness, and weight loss individual or group membership program to gain lifelong control and courage even if busy, overwhelmed, or feeling unheard.
Helping physicians overcome burnout, escape arrival fallacy, and build a path toward financial independence while enjoying the journey to get there.
I teach physicians that they always have choices, even when they think they don't. I meet them exactly where they are and try to humanize and normalize everything they are experiencing in healthcare today.
I empower people through coaching to build awareness and insight so that they can live with intention and create a more joy-filled, satisfying life.
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