Amy Fogelman, MD on the SoMeDocs Databank: "I am board-certified in Internal Medicine with expertise in opioid prescribing policies."

Make Evergreen Passive Income for Speaking

Thanks for your interest in pitching a talk, hosted by SoMeDocs (as stand-alone or part of a conference). We've built an exciting space that helps fuel online success for change-makers & innovators today. Submit your talk's details below, for consideration.

Step 1. Leave your email below so we can properly tag it and follow up.

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The digital world presents an exciting new tool for connection; a modern-day communication canvas. But don't just look on at what others create. Pick up your own virtual brush & draw out new possibilities. Live out your dreams.

What is a "live lecture"?

Our new section is a mix of TedX and Masterclass, except the celebrity is you, the health expert. We offer health experts the ability to deliver a talk they’re great at delivering:

  1. hassle-free. Just give us the details and prepare to rock at giving your talk
  2. without having to worry about design. We make it look fab!
  3. without having to know the tech. We build everything, you just click into your link when it’s time to give your talk
  4. and enthusiastically co-promoting it WITH them
  5. and making the talk available in passive-form, at a cost you, the expert, choose (revenue-share model)
  6. and host it on our site, in evergreen fashion, so that anyone interested in hearing it can still do so, forever, and you collect the passive income (if it’s for a fee), or emails, if it’s free, to further nurture that relationship.

What is the structure of a SoMeDocs lecture?

SoMeDocs lectures are delivered live, over a one-hour Zoom, in front of a live audience.

It is similar to a live television show recording, where an audience gets to look on, in silence, as the speaker delivers their recorded talk.

Lectures typically last between 30-45 minutes, with a Q&A session at the end, afforded to those in the audience, which is not part of the recording.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form, above, and submit. If your lecture is accepted, you’ll be notified, and get to choose a date/time from a link we provide. Once you choose this, we’ll build your talk a landing page and can both start to co-promote. That’s it.

When it’s time, click the Zoom link and deliver your talk to our live audience!

Where do I see my lecture, once it's accepted?

After you choose your date/time, your talk’s landing page will get built, and show up here, in the Coming Up Live section of our website. It’s now ready for co-promoting.

What do I do until my lecture goes live?

when your talk’s lading page is published, you co-promote. That means you share that page with your followers, so they come to the talk. We’ll share it with our social media audience and email list, too, to over 40,000 of our followers.

Don’t forget to tag us when you share, so we can swoop in and comment on your posts, to support them. It’s like having a cheerleader & publicist in one!

How do I tag you when I share?

Please use @SoMeDocs, where relevant, to include us in any shares. We get the notification & re-share, for even more eyeballs.

Where does my lecture show up once I'm done giving my talk?

Remember, we do ALL the tech and design work. You simply show up to give your talk. Once it’s over, we will take the recorded footage and build a new page with it, to house & showcase your talk. It will show up in the On-Demand section of our website, with the specifics you’ve chosen (who your audience is, whether your talk can be accessed for free, etc). Our audience can still sign up to see it and, if it’s free, you’ll still collect emails as they sign up!

What else can I do with my lecture?

Once your lecture is over, we will have recorded footage, which you are welcome to use inside a SPEAKERS portfolio (network members). Take a look at our SPEAKERS section here, and at the individual speakers showcased there. By adding in your talk, a conference, podcast, or business can see exactly what they’d be getting if they hire you. It’s great as a sampler. (this works only if your lecture is free and therefore accessible).

Where will I get paid?

The lecture you deliver live is free. Audience members are encouraged to attend if they want to hear your talk, and get the chance to interact with you, in a Q&A.

We count on their enthusiasm, to help spread the word on this talk (any of their friends or family can then access the same talk, for payment).

We will record your talk and, once over, make it available to access on our site, in the On-Demand section.

You get to choose the price to access your talk.

Once it’s over, we host the lecture for you, taking care of all of the design and tech aspects, as well as managing it, so that every time someone pays to watch it, you earn!

We mail out checks, or transfer via bank Zelle, 1 month after payment comes in, minus paypal fees (typically around 3%) and the percentage we collect for doing our part. It’s a 60-40 split, with 60% earned by the speaker.

So, for example, for a $50 lecture, $48.50 would be the total profit made after Paypal fee is applied. Speaker would passively earn $29.10 for each lecture sold.

These earnings can last for a long, long time, as your talk will continue to exist on our site.

Questions? Comments?

We love our experts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, an idea, a testimonial, or just want to say hello. We got you.

Lifestyle Medicine conference

06/09: [CONFERENCE] Lifestyle Medicine for Everyone: June 9-11, 2023

Conference: Lifestyle Medicine for Everyone

June 9-11, 2023

SoMeDocs is proud to be bringing you this curated event, filled with the quality lectures from the verified healthcare experts of today. This time, we’re focusing on lifestyle medicine, and we’re opening up the talks to everyone who can benefit!

Peek-A-Boo, Here’s the Who’s Who.

Why With SoMeDocs?


Virtual & Easy to Use

We're disrupting the need to travel in order to learn. Now, you can both learn and network, right from your home.


Verified Experts

We curate our projects, and believe in quality. We stand behind the 'SoMeDocs' experience.


Not Boring

SoMeDocs believes in 'out of the box' projects. You'll always be pleasantly surprised when you work with us.



We shouldn't have to pay exorbitant costs to learn from, and meet, others. So we offer no-brainer options.

Conference Schedule

(All times listed in EST)
Friday, June 9: 
6:30-7:00 PM: Introduction (Dana Corriel, MD)
7:15-8:15 PM: “A Cardiologist’s Practical Tips to Reduce Your Cardiovascular Risk” (Nicole Harkin, MD)
8:30-9:30 PM: “Optimizing the Developing Brain with Food and Life Choices” (Jane Tavyev Asher, MD)
Saturday, June 10:
9:00-10:00 AM: “Lifestyle Medicine: The Path towards Wellness and Resiliency” (Sheila Lakhoo, MD)
10:15-11:15 AM: “Managing Stress and Building Resiliency with Mindfulness” (Holly MacKenna, MD, ABPN, ABOIM)
11:30-12:30 PM: “Anti-Inflammatory Living Made Easy — A Lifestyle and Integrative Approach to Low Back Pain and Joint Pain” (Saloni Sharma, MD)
12:30-2:00 PM: LUNCH BREAK
2:00-3:00 PM: “The Truth About Dietary Supplements: Separating Fact from Fiction” (Melinda Ring, MD)
3:15-4:15 PM: “Food and Fitness in Perimenopause” (Nicole Solomos, MD)
4:30-5:30 PM: “Evidence-Based TIGER Protocol for Autoimmune Disease” (Akilesh Palanisamy, MD
5:45-6:45: “Optimal Kidney Nutrition: The Power of Plant-Based Diets” (Sean Hashmi, MD, MS, FASN)
Sunday, June 11: 
9:00-10:00 AM: “Optimizing Brain Health with The Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine” (Melissa Sundermann, DO, DipABLM)
10:15-11:15 AM: “Lifestyle and Fertility: Healthy Choices to Maximize Your Reproductive Health” (Rashmi Kudesia, MD)
11:30-12:30 AM: “Nontoxic without the Nonsense: Safer Swaps for Optimizing Immune System Health” (Kara Wada, MD)
12:30-2:00 PM: LUNCH BREAK
2:00-3:00 PM: “How to Decrease Stress with the Mind-Body Connection” (Cindy Tsai, MD)
3:15-4:15 PM: “Radiant Self-Care Through Ayurveda” (Sheetal Ajmani, MD)
4:30-5:30: “Implementing Activity As the 5th Vital Sign” (Manzur Moidunny, MD)

Free Ticket

Experience this event in its entirety, live
SoMeDocs Members
  • Access to ALL lectures, while they're live
  • Entry into our virtual "conference grounds" (in a pop-up FB Group)

VIP Ticket

Experience this event.. & then some.
$ 249/ticket
  • Access to ALL lectures, for 2 full months after conference ends
  • Entry into our virtual "conference grounds" (in a pop-up FB Group). Enter one day before everyone else does.
  • CME credit for lectures (through CMEfy)
  • Early Bird pricing gives you 60% off until May 1, 2023
  • Early-ish Bird pricing gives you 30% off May 1-June1, 2023

Free Ticket

SoMeDocs Members
SoMeDocs Member
  • Access to ALL lectures, while they're live
  • Entry into our virtual "conference grounds" (in a pop-up FB Group)

VIP Ticket

Open to everyone!
$ 249/ticket
  • Access to lectures for 2 full months after conference ends
  • Entry into our virtual "conference grounds" (in a pop-up FB Group). Enter one day before everyone else does.
  • CME option for lectures (through CMEfy)
  • Early Bird pricing gives you 60% off until May 1, 2023
  • Early-ish Bird pricing gives you 30% off May 1-June1, 2023

The Extra Mile

Purchase a VIP ticket

VIP tickets are available for the general public and doctors who aren’t members, or interested in longer lecture access/CME’s. Priced at $249 per ticket, with early bird pricing coupon codes below. As of June 1st, tickets will be full price. Here’s what you get if you go “VIP”:

  • Access to our “conference grounds”, where learning, fun, intros & networking will take place in an entrepreneurial setting, two days before everyone else does
  • Option to join each lecture live, on the Zoom in which the speaker appears/records, and priority asking your questions, live with the speaker
  • Access to all lecture recordings for 2 full month2 after the end of the conference
  • Access to the panel discussion (won’t be otherwise accessible after the LIVE).
  • CME credit (via CMEfy)
  • Use code EARLY-BIRD-LIFESTYLE until May 1, 2023, for 60% discount per ticket until May 1, 2023. 
  • Use code MAY-SPECIAL for 30% off per ticket, until June 1, 2023.

Reserve A spot

We’re hosting this 3-day conference virtually, inside a Pop-Up Facebook group. Leave your email to get added to our live lecture/conference interest list. To get in, you’ll need to have a membership (any level) activated and a profile built. Your profile will serve as your ticket ID.

Become a Sponsor.

Become a SoMeDocs conference Sponsor. We have over 40,000 followers across social media, and a versatile website that’s dynamic & unique. We’re one of the most rapidly growing healthcare digital ventures today.

* Check your inbox after hitting submit. You should receive partnering details there.

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Disrupting the Way Doctors Deliver Talks

Disrupting the Way Doctors Deliver Talks

I’ve been dabbling in the online healthcare space for close to a decade now, and there’s something that repeatedly comes up in the hush-hush spaces of the physician’s digital lounge: we’re tired of getting taken advantage of.

In this particular article, I’m covering one specific area in which doctors continue to feel frustrated: that there’s no adequate compensation for their speaking time.

GRIEVANCE: doctors feel frustrated at repeatedly giving away their time to large conferences (that charge heftily for attendance) and not getting a sufficient return. Conferences that charge a heavy ticket price (even for virtual components once the conference is over) don’t readily share with speakers.

I’ve heard this also applied to podcasts. And while guests on podcasts are not traditionally paid to ‘appear’, I’ve heard grumbling by doctors who feel that their conversations are being monetized and that they don’t receive a return. Dr. Edwin Leap and I touch on this in our recent conversation, in the new Doctors Exploring Media series.


GRIEVANCE: doctors feel frustrated at repeatedly giving away their time to large conferences (that charge heftily for attendance) and not getting a sufficient return. Click To Tweet


DISRUPTION: sign up to give a live lecture, with SoMeDocs. We’ll do all the work setting it up (just as a conference would). You simply click in, when it’s time to deliver your lecture, and deliver it!

Want to see the lectures that are coming up? You can find them here.

Note that the speakers have done no work in creating this, except for submit the details of their lecture and picking a date/time that works for them. That’s how we LOVE to disrupt here, at SoMeDocs. We take all the tech & design work away from the doctor and help them deliver a beautiful product.

Also note that the lecture, once delivered, appears ON-DEMAND. Here’s an example, by Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown. Each of our speakers get to choose the amount it will cost for a reader to access their lecture. Anyone who’s a NETWORK member gets to choose between selling their lecture’s access, or allowing it to be accessed for free (in order to co-collect email leads).

No more getting frustrated at giving away your time.

Make the rules, set the price, and start growing.

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