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“The clear-headed vision of working together with SoMeDocs has led to my 6-episode show. I am hooked. SoMeDocs is tops.”

Samuel Shem

Pen name of Stephen Bergman, MD, author of The House of God & host of somedocs-produced series "conversations with shem".

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At SoMeDocs, health experts get help with the attention that years of dedication, hard work, and experience, deserves. See what they have to say.

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Melissa Welker MD joined us as a regular contributor, during our 1st recruitment round in May 2022, and was immediately impressed with what she saw.

“It has already turned out to be one of the best investments I could ever make in myself.”

Michelle Flemings, MD

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Louis Profeta, MD, is an ER physician, book author, and Top LinkedIn voice and also a SoMeDocs enthusiast. Catch his writing on our website, including These Four Words That May offend You May Also Just Save You.


A video testimonial from Dr Louis Profeta, a LinkedIn Top Voice:

    [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6JY4WsnNDE[/embedyt]      

“I can’t thank Dr. Corriel enough for starting SoMeDocs. As a doctor interested in leveraging social media to educate patients and stretch my creative muscles, I had a difficult time finding colleagues with a similar interest. SoMeDocs has been an incredible forum to share ideas, learn from the experiences of my peers, and get constructive feedback on future social media endeavors. The support I’ve received from other doctors on SoMeDoc platforms has been incredible and really inspired me to keep pushing myself to grow my media presence and continue to use my voice.”


– Dr. Jessica Flynn Deede, MD, sports medicine.

      “SoMeDocs has provided me with a diverse community of vocal physicians to interview on my podcast, most of whom with which I never would have connected. We help each other vet our ideas and amplify our voices.”  

-Dr. Bradly Block, MD of Physicians Guide to Doctoring

    “I have really enjoyed participating in SoMeDocs because it has connected me with other physicians and has allowed me to collaborate with others in a positive manner. I have not only learned much from SoMeDocs in how to get the word out on topics of interest and to advocate for a common goal, but have also learned a lot from the medical and social discussions and comments of others. SoMeDocs has made social media a more effective tool for physicians and allowed us to spread information to colleagues and society in a way that I could not have done just by myself!”  

-David Epstein MD, MVP, MS, FAAP, Medical Director Pediatric and Urgent Care

  I am so grateful for the ingenuity of Dr. Dana Corriel! She has created such an innovative social media space dedicated to highlighting and honoring the unique qualities and expertise of physicians. She truly cares, is so easy to work with and I love being featured on her website and being a member of her network. If you are a physician reading this, then come on in and join us!

– Dr. Robyn Tiger

  “Ever wish you could have meaningful conversations with docs across the country (or world) who share your passions, but you have no idea who could introduce you or how you could make that happen? SoMeDocs is your invitation to an online coffee break, where you can virtually shake hands and start those conversations (or start by listening in until you feel comfortable). Thanks to Dr Corriel for creating this welcoming community!”  

-Jill Grimes, MD FAAFP, Author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, Faculty at University of Texas in Austin

  “Despite being a millennial, social media WAS not my strong suit. SoMeDocs has changed that! SoMeDocs is an amazing community connecting physicians who dream to do more. It brings together like-minded physicians who never would have met. It gives us a collective voice to work toward reclaiming medicine for our patients, our families and ourselves. Thank you Dr. Corriel for what you have done and continue to do for physicians everywhere!  

-Andrew Tisser DO Emergency physician, host of the Talk2MeDoc Podcast

    “{Being involved with SoMeDocs] provides an incredible opportunity to learn how to do everything from podcasting, improving the virality of writing, and being able to write in a way that reaches the masses. There’s a ton of physicians on that site that have made incredible in-roads into the world of social media, and allows people the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes.  I highly encourage you to take a look at SoMeDocs and improve your ability to capture the world through social media and to spread the world in terms of what you have to offer society.”  

-Louis Profeta, MD (ER physician, LikedIn Top Voice & best-selling author)

    “SoMeDocs is one of my favorite Facebook groups! It’s one of the reasons I enjoy logging on to Facebook.”  

-Dr. Karla Vital, MD (bariatric medicine and nephrology)

    “I approached Dr. Corriel about being a podcast guest after stumbling on a SoMeDocs Twitterchat. Since then, I’ve used SoMeDocs as a launch point for finding new guests and to check in with what’s hot in healthcare. It is both a starting point for those new to social media and those who are experts looking to tweak their voice. Dr. Corriel has remained accessible and inspiring.”

– Nick Andrews, Podcast Producer – MDedge/Medscape

    “SoMeDocs has been and is the quintessential way to regain our autonomy back as physicians. Not only does the platform gives us a voice, but it helps us collaborate in a way we could not before. Such a rare thing to elevate a doctor’s voice to those who want to hear credible and inspiring information from the actual source; the experienced and educated physician.”

-Colin Zhu, DO of The Chef Doc

    “SoMeDocs has been instrumental in growing our medical education startup at GrepMed.com. It’s a wonderful way to network with a diverse community of like-minded physicians looking to help each other branch out into the digital space. There is so much valuable insight, creative energy and advice being shared on this platform. You can connect with world renown experts in everything from cardiology to business, finance and SEO. The advice we’ve received on social media strategy and branding has helped jump start our Instagram channel from scratch to over 10 thousand followers in just 5 months. We’ve made invaluable connections with medical educators across the country who are helping us in our mission to democratize the medical reference space.”

-Gerald Diaz MD: Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Software Engineer, Cofounder GrepMed

    “I think as a young physician, SoMeDocs helped me gain my voice, increase confidence, and connect with so many physicians I would never have had a chance of meeting before!

-Amna Husain, MD of Pure Direct Pediatrics

  “As a new podcaster building a following, SoMeDocs has been a fantastic platform to meet physicians doing similar things. I have met and collaborated with many physicians who I originally met on SoMeDocs. It has been invaluable.”

– Siobhan Key, MD of Weight Solutions for Physicians

    “SoMeDocs was my gateway into professional social media. I appreciate the community and learn something new every day.”

-Sophia Kogan, MD, PHD

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