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Today’s health professionals want “more”. They’re exploring possibilities “beyond” the exam room, for bigger impact, more pleasure, or extra income.

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Simmer Down, Legacy Blues

Simmer Down, Legacy Blues

An anonymous writer asks “legacy blue” checkmark holders on Twitter to quit having tantrums about “losing status”.

Should You Recycle Blog Posts and How?

Should You Recycle Blog Posts and How?

Dana Corriel, MD kept seeing the same question getting asked about online presence, again and again. So she figured she may as well share her reply here, since she’s been around the online-creation block.

[VIDEO] On Vulnerability

[VIDEO] On Vulnerability

Dr. Corriel discusses the harsh reality of what holds many physicians back from immersing themselves online, thereby opening up to new (& sometimes maybe formidable?) opportunities.

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It is difficult to feel like you are doing anything right because the new standard we are all expected to live up to, is very simply absolute.

Faith Whittier, MD

Faith Whittier, MD

“Life is like an amusement park and I’m giving myself permission to ride more than one ride!”

Silvana Barone, MD

Silvana Barone, MD

“There are as many opinions out there as there are people. Shut out the noise and find the path that aligns with who you are and your values; at the end of the day, you know what is best for you and your family.”

SoMeDocs Databank: Kersha Pennicott, MD

Kersha Pennicott, MD

“Pediatricians and Parents are the ultimate partners in helping to raise the next generation of happy, healthy kids.”

Why Write an E Book?

Why Write an E Book?

  Why Write an E-book?     After two full years of labour, my ebook finally launched for sale on Amazon in June of this


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The Physician Leadership Career Network (PLC-Network)

The Physician Leadership Career Network (PLC-Network) is the only career resource exclusively for physician leaders The Physician Leadership Career Network (PLC-Network) was founded in 2019 by Kurt Scott, a veteran physician & executive recruitment leader. PLC-Network was created to help physicians elevate their leadership skills, connect with employers, and discover leadership opportunities – while empowering healthcare organizations to fill their vital leadership roles. The expanding PLC-Network Career Resource Center is essential in helping physicians & healthcare organizations) gain the educational, coaching, and training resources they need to become visionary leaders. There’s no cost for physicians to join, and members enjoy

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