Article: My Tips to Create Content Fast

My Tips to Create Content Fast

Preston Alexander believes that you have to have a voice online. If you do not, you cannot take control of your business, your career, your life, like you want to.

Article: You Can't Stay in Shawshank

You Just Can’t Stay in Shawshank

Daniel Paull, MD, shares that there are a lot of things we do in healthcare without really knowing why we do them, or evaluating if they are really necessary.

Articles: Bob Saul, MD: 5 "Professional" Lessons from 50 Years of Practice

5 “Professional” Lessons from 50 Years of Practice

Robert Saul, MD, confesses that fifty years seems like a long time and given that length of time, he should have some lessons learned that might be worth sharing in his roles of pediatrician, medical geneticist, educator, administrator and author.

Article by Rick Zollinger: Jobs


Richard Zollinger MD thinks that the dreaded words “burn out” were coined for the feelings that can attack us from the ages of 40 to 70.

article: The Healing Heart

The Healing Heart

Elizabeth Mitchell, MD advises us to take the time to observe the beauty around us before it is gone.

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