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We’re brainstorming the concept, suggesting solutions, and hoping to come up with an actionable plan (to extinguish the ‘burn).

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It's Ok to Say No

It’s Ok to Say No

Desmond Bell DPM explains why caregivers lack hesitation when it comes to agreeing to take on more and become spread even thinner.

Less Resiliency May Heal Burnout

Less Resiliency May Heal Burnout

Dympna Lynch Weil, MD: I wondered, “What would help us then? If not resiliency, what might serve physicians better?” And in stillness, I heard, “Allow yourself to fall apart.”

Learn to press the pause button: today.

Learn to Press the Pause Button: Today

Diana Londono, MD, shares how we can control how we perceive our circumstances, take back control of our lives and rekindle our essential nature which is full of joy, authenticity and love.

Upfront Cost & Then Some?

Upfront Cost & Then Some?

As leaders in healthcare how do we know where to put our trust these days, where it comes to leadership programs?

Article by Candice Williams: The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call

Candice Williams, MD, shares her story of a physician’s wake up call; becoming a “true self” after dedicating oneself solely to medical practice.

article: Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

Guy Culpepper, MD shares: as if prior authorization, disempowerment, and arbitrary fee schedules weren’t enough, now dedicated young physicians can look forward to even more layers of corporate ambivalence.

Article: Can Doctors Really Unify?

Can Doctors Really Unify?

Will teaching it in medical school will suddenly change all the ingrained narcissism and cut throat gunners to being more “for the team?” Doubtful. Some things cannot be taught.

Are Physicians Human?

Mark Lopatin MD: Sometimes I am going to say the wrong thing. I must learn to forgive myself when I do. Should I have made that statement to that patient? Absolutely not. I am a physician.

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