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I Have to Wait How Long?!?!

I Have to Wait How Long?!?!

David Epstein, MD, MS, FAAP discusses why it takes time to be seen for an acute illness and what makes up a medical visit.

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What can I submit ?

We consider publication of any health- and healthcare-related content, with the aim of helping spread the word on info that stimulates meaningful thinking or discussion. Take a look at our topics, in our CONTENT section.

Does it have to be on a certain topic ?

No. Anything meaningful/exciting/fresh works, and will be appropriately fitted into one of our various topics (article types include educational, informative, entertaining, advice, narratives, and more). We circulate everything accepted for live publication (see below).

What's the ideal word count?

Ideally, between 500-1200 words.

Can I submit if I'm not a health expert?


If you want to submit your advice, in a niche you’re an expert in, we’ll consider your submission. You’ll have a good chance of being accepted if your piece is strictly informative, interesting, or entertaining, and not if it overtly markets your services. Every piece published gives credit to the author, with their website linked at the end.

I'm not a writer. Can I still submit?

Of course. Health experts aren’t necessarily experts in writing. The world is rapidly evolving, and health experts are realizing that they benefit from being seen, and heard, online. We help.

How long will it take to hear back?

Typically, we have a turnaround of a few days for your piece to be accepted, edited and published. But please give it up to 1 week. We do typically publish the piece first, and then let you know that it’s up. So feel free to check the “Latest” category regularly.

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If accepted, your article will be published in our MAGAZINE section, here.

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6 Traits of a True Leader

6 Traits of a True Leader

David Epstein, MD, MS, FAAP discusses 6 traits of a true leader and their importance in how they affect a team or organization.

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