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With over 40,000 followers across social media, we’re making a splash. Our verified healthcare experts from across the country are getting quotes in media, land paid advisory roles, creating new streams of income, & learning to strengthen their professional presence in a rapidly-evolving world. Just some of what we do:

* build magazine-quality profiles in our Directory to showcase expertise

* build customized pages to showcase side ventures (courses, podcasts, Youtube channels, speaking, books, blogs, coaching, & communities)

* publish unique writing inside our MAGAZINE, where we help design & circulate expert work for increased exposure, reach, & SEO

* deliver lectures to build an email list or generate passive income, for the lifetime of talk

* partake in curated conferences, as speakers or attendees

* access unique PODS, networking & incubator opportunities, & other perks for our network members

* earn passive income for helping making successful connections 

Our goal? To promote intelligent, driven individuals inside of healthcare who make the system run. We provide positive promotion & PR to help doctors make more valuable connections, build up leads, gain more followers, patients, or clients, & discover new and exciting opportunities. Our resources are not only valuable to newbies; they’re a fantastic boost for any business already on its path to success.


The NETWORK is a supportive community – an incubator – made of entrepreneurially-minded doctors (everyone is vetted). We look to network, learn together, and make meaningful connections outside exam rooms. Our goal: to expand our careers together. Note: we’ve recently ALSO introduced both a free option, the PROFILE level, as well as an in-between, the “BEYOND”.


Open Up to New Opportunities.
$39/year Monthly
  • More Directories Coming!
  • Magazine-Quality Profile in a Directory, Based on Your Degree
  • Post a Job Listing On Our Job Board
  • Publish Articles in Our Magazine (Improve SEO, increase exposure & traffic)
  • Entry into our General SoMeDocs FB Group


Build Pages in Beyond Exam Rooms
$129/Year Monthly
  • Everything in PROFILE Membership Plus:
  • Customized PODCAST Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized YOUTUBE Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized BOOK Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized BLOG Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized SPEAKER Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COACH Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COURSE Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COMMUNITY Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory


Grow With Other Professionals.
$468/Year Monthly
  • Everything in BEYOND Membership Plus:
  • One-on-one Onboarding Consultation ($266 value)
  • Access to Other Members' Onboarding Consultations
  • Members-Only Interactive FB group
  • Social Media PODS - grow in small group settings in LinkedIn or Instagram, with structured group rules
  • Networking & Incubator Virtual Meetup, Every 3 Months - Ideas, Pitching, Social Media, Feedback
  • Access to Exclusive Lectures Delivered Live by SoMeDocs Founder, Dr. Corriel
  • 40% Discount on our Conferences!


Open Up to New Opportunities.
$39/year Monthly
  • More Directories Coming!
  • Magazine-Quality Profile in a Directory, Based on Your Degree
  • Post a Job Listing On Our Public Job Board
  • Publish Articles & Videos in Our Magazine (Improve SEO, more views on Youtube, increase notoriety & traffic)
  • Entry into our General SoMeDocs FB Group


Build Pages in Beyond Exam Rooms.
$129/year Monthly
  • Everything in PROFILE Membership Plus:
  • Customized PODCAST Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized YOUTUBE Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized BOOK Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized BLOG Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized SPEAKER Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COACH Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COURSE Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory
  • Customized COMMUNITY Page into our "Beyond Exam Room" Directory


Grow With Other Professionals.
$695/year Monthly
  • Everything in BEYOND Membership Plus:
  • 6-month virtual access to the conferences we host.
  • Members-Only Interactive FB group
  • Social Media PODS - grow on social media, in small group settings (LinkedIn, IG)
  • Networking & Incubator Virtual Meetup, Every 3 Months - Ideas, Pitching, Social Media, Feedback
  • Showcase Up to 2 Lectures Per Year In Our On-Demand Section & Collect Any Signup Emails


Mingle with the healthcare change-makers of today.
$ 49/year
  • Magazine-Quality Profile in Our Doctor Directory
  • Year-Long Speaker Series, with new expert speaker each month
  • Customized Pages In Any of Our Beyond Exam Room Sections (Podcasts, Youtube Channels, Speakers, Books, Blogs, Courses, Coaches, Communities)
  • Option to Apply to Be In Our SoMeDocs Conference Ambassador Team, Attend Free + Other Perks
  • Discounts to our Conferences

A doctor's "2 cents" (she's also our founder):

Play Video

This startup used our directory to place doctors in paid advisory roles.

Grow on social media

  • Platform specific (so you can focus your time on growing on ONE space at a time)
  • Manageable group size (so you don’t get overwhelmed & can get to know others over time)
  • General rules (so only doctors committed to growing their numbers are included)
  • Enforced facilitation (so there’s equal giving and taking)

Pods are open to NETWORK-level members only!

Your Profile

(above, some of the profiles in our directory)

Our directory allows the public to find verified doctors for their needs, fast. Once built & published, your profile is showcased openly, inside a free directory that boasts unique filters for a search. Are you ready to join a warm and supportive community and grow together? We’re ready for you.

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Do Doctors Love Us?

Yes. Yes, they do.

The following snippets are just a handful of existing testimonials.

Discover more, inside our larger testimonial section

Play Video about Shem
Alison Christy, MD, PhD
Play Video about Alison Christy, MD, PhD
Susan J. Baumgaertel, MD FACP
Play Video about Susan J. Baumgaertel, MD FACP
Robert Saul, MD: SoMeDocs Databank
Play Video about Robert Saul, MD: SoMeDocs Databank
"Thank you so, so much for providing such a phenomenal platform on social media for physicians like me to appear in a meaningful & impactful manner. It has already turned out to be one of the best investments I could ever make in myself."
Michelle Flemming, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

Articles & Videos

(above, the latest articles published)

It may be fun to write articles, but it isn’t fun trying to get eyeballs on the article itself, or spreading it around alone. We’ve built a collective solution for health experts who build online. Upload your article, and submit (it’s that easy!). Our team will edit your work, optimize your words, and beautify the piece, before publishing it on our website and placing it inside your profile. Better yet, we’ll create drool-worthy sharing tiles, share them with our social media audience, and send to you, so you can share, too!

Build a Page in our

Let journalists, businesses, events, podcasts, patients, & even other doctors find - & connect with - you

I'm a podcaster/Youtuber

When you’re a podcaster or Youtuber, it can be frustrating creating content, but not having enough exposure to an audience. SoMeDocs is helping the public find you quickly, easily, & beautifully, by building open-access portfolios for each podcast/channel in our community. Are you ready to join us and add yours in?

I'm a Speaker

If you’re a speaker, or wish to become one, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential gigs, given the nature of our digital world. We’ll build you a speaker portfolio that shows off your skills & embed it inside of our speakers section, for more exposure. Are you ready for the world to hear you speak? We hope so.

I'm a Writer

Publishing a book, or regularly writing in a blog, is quite an accomplishment. But if no one knows about it, it can be frustrating. SoMeDocs invites the world to visit its public website, where real health experts and their products are categorized & showcased, including their books & blogs! Join the network!

I'm a coach or consultant

Coaching and consulting are growing fields in today’s world of healthcare. We help experts to connect with each other by building beautiful portfolios showcasing each coach/consultant & their services, and allowing anyone in the public sector – other health experts or companies/startups looking for them – to seamlessly connect. Let’s build you a coach portfolio today.

I'm a Course Creator

Health experts today are building courses on their own, outside of employers and larger institutions. Without the micromanagement & revenue-sharing, individual profits are greater. We encourage our health experts to uniquely create, to use our space to showcase their courses, and leverage the space we have built to help with their own marketing, promotion, & growth of their brand.

I'm a Community Organizer

There are so many interactive spaces online. But how is the world supposed to know which ones are led by actual experts? Now’s your chance to tell them!  We’ve built a way for our vetted doctors to have beautiful landing pages built out for their communities, and we’ve made it easy for the world to find them. Our categorized, free site allows the world to find your community, and join! 

We now offer a one-on-one session for the network membership level!

What's in an Onboarding consultation?

This 30-minute network perk will allow you to:

* define/sharpen your goals (in the context of marketing/networking)

* understand where you fit in within the social media/digital space

* plan the growth of your voice/brand

* improve your messaging

* analyze/improve website design/ user-experience

Please note that this is a one-time consultation per network member signup/yealry renewal, & that we may not be able to hit ALL of the points, above, as this can take several sessions. You’ll be able to fill out a form before the session to request which points you wish to discuss most. There could be an option to purchase a personalized consultation plan thereafter.

Our Networking is Special.

Here at SoMeDocs, we specialize in building projects that are extremely unique. Accept no imitation. Our speed-networking is a prime example. Come, meet others, share who you are & what you need, & learn to perfect the art of networking, along with other entrepreneurial docs. Join our next session, which you can find here.

Take a look at an edited snippet from a recent session, below (& come to our next one, ready to pitch your “ask”):

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of your burning questions about SoMeDocs.

Not at all!

This website is a public display of thought leaders today. In fact, most of our content is publicly available and free to access.

Doctors join our behind the scenes community to gain knowledge about growing presence in the world of today.

Membership is, at the moment, open to medical doctors, dentists & podiatrists. We’re gradually building a community of these like-minded professionals, in a supportive space with entrepreneurial focus. We hope that our experts will effectively network together, learn together, & grow together.

We showcase health experts through 2 membership models: one free, the other paid.

We’ve built an exclusive members-only hub, right into our website, where members can get immediate access to the differently-niched portals (like podcasting, coaching, writing, & more), where they can build themselves portfolios that can be seen by the public, in their searches through our website.

We regularly promote everything that’s published on our site.

Quicker connections.

We’re building a cool space online without paywalls or hassle to the public. Anyone can land on our site, & find the talented health experts of today.

Here’ you’ll find articles, series, and side projects that are directly created by the health experts themselves, an innovative twist to living in the world of today.

Didn’t know doctors creating side ventures beyond exam rooms even existed? We’ll show you that they do!

As physicians ourselves, we knew first hand that doctors today are too busy to find the right support online. Or to sift through resources on how to grow outside the exam room. So we’re curating it for them.

Our goal is to promote autonomy for doctors everywhere.

The unique thing about our website is that we feature experts who spend time creating their own individual content online. If you take interest in an expert’s work, you are taken directly to their site, where you interact as the expert wishes. This way, we nurture & support individual experts without meddling in the details.

We categorize:

First, based on expert specialty, inside our Doctor Directory.

Second, in different mediums fitting what the expert is building content in.

For example, if an expert creates episodes in a monthly podcast, they can have us build their podcast a podcast Podcast portfolio, which appears along with other podcasts for our readers to peruse and click into. This also means increased SEO!

Another example: if an expert has written a book, they can add their book into our Writers Page.

Same goes for coaches. And speakers. And communities. You get the point.

You can find an individual expert’s work in their profile. For example, Dr. Mark Lopatin has written & shared a number of articles that can be accessed in his profile. Dr. Cecilia Cruz took the time to build herself a coach’s page and additionally contributed articles, which can all be found in her profile.

We got you covered from various angles, depending on your needs.

We want you to focus on what you love to do best. If that’s healing patients and growing your practice, then we’ll focus on the rest.

We offer:

* a Network filled with entrepreneurial doctors who, like you, want to see their work – whether in private practice OR for a big hospital system – amplified. We meet regularly for networking and in incubators to learn together and grow.

* a Doctor Directory, where patients, journalists, businesses, can find you and seamlessly connect.

* Podcast Building: we’ll build one for you, from start to finish. We can also hold your hand and coach you, after it’s built.

Our profiles are special.

Here’s why.

A doctor profile is built based on degree/medical specialty. From there, when our members build content on our site, (for example, a podcast portfolio. Or an article in our magazine), it is added into their profile, in a beautifully laid out space they’ll be proud to share.

You’ve definitely come to the right place.

We help doctors deliver lectures seamlessly.

We do all of the design and tech work.

You simply give us your lecture’s details and the time/date you want to deliver it live, virtually.

We’ll build your lecture a beautiful landing page and then together, we co-promote. You not only get notified each time someone signs up (exciting!), but to also collect the emails of each interested party.

When it’s time to go live, you simply click into a link and deliver your talk. It will be free to those who attend the live lecture.

We record, creating footage of your talk, and build your lecture into our ON-DEMAND section, where our followers can find it anytime.

You get to decide on the price of that lecture (we feature a rev-share, where you get to keep 60% of the profit of that lecture’s sale, without having to pay for the hosting and upkeep).

You also get to continue collecting any emails that sign up to watch. 

If you’re a network member, you can also choose to offer your on-demand lecture for free. This is great if your end product is much more valuable (for example, a consulting package or larger course).

You don’t have to. At this point in time, you can apply to join SoMeDocs (if you’re a doctor) for free.

But if you want additional perks (and to go to the ‘front of the line’ after getting vetted, and not have to wait to be let in), you’ll join our network membership. Read about it here.

Your happiness and satisfaction is important to us. Yes, our membership is risk-free.

Additionally, we currently offer NETWORK membership on a month-by-month basis, for those who prefer to try things out first. It will, of note, save you money if you purchase a year’s worth of membership. Plus, we grandfather our members in, so price increases – as we grow in popularity and offer more perks –  won’t affect them.

Every doctor who gets vetted and brought in gets to have a profile built for them. This is not like a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, in that they’re more ‘magazine-quality’ and require a hand-touch.

Every profile can be accessed inside the doctor directory, once users click inside the digital business cards that pop up. The databank is public and free to use! Take a look at it here.

When you have a podcast, you work hard to create content, but sometimes feel frustrated with getting the word out on your work. We’re hoping to help. When you become a member, you’ll get to build a page that’s customized to your podcast and tell the world what your podcast offers, and why our audience should listen to you. Take a look.

Oh yeah, & then we circulate your podcast when your portfolio goes live! So our audience can see what you’ve built, and can find you on our public website, as we grow.

When you write a book, or regularly create content for a blog, it can get rather frustrating getting the word out on your work. Like with podcasts, we’re here to help.

When you become a network member, you’ll get to build a portfolio customized to your book (orn blog), and tell the world what your writing offers, and why our audience should purchase it. Take a look.

Oh yeah, & then we circulate your book or blog feature once it goes live! So our audience can see the portfolio that’s been created for you, and can connect with you.

We want to see our experts – and their talks – amplified. 

.. you’ll get to build a portfolio if you’d like to be recognized as a speaker, and actually SHOW the world how well you speak.  Companies, events, & podcasts can now come to a single space, experience what you’re like for themselves, & and directly connect if you’re a good fit. Take a look.

And, oh yes, we then circulate your portfolio, so our social media followers find you, too!


Our mission is to help any and every expert who’s made an effort to put themselves out there, online, and become available to helping others heal.

Coaches regularly struggle with visibility. They don’t get many chances to meaningfully connect. We hope to make it better.

When you become a member at the network level, you’ll get to build a portfolio inside our coaching section (BEYOND EXAM ROOMS), and tell the world why they should link up with, or even hire, you. Take a look. In today’s world of rapid digital connections, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Oh yeah, & when that portfolio goes live, we help circulate it.

Oooh! This is one of our favorite topics!

Creating articles allows you to not only tell others what you’re good at, but show them, too.

Now, what we do here is partner up with you to take your wisdom and advice to “next-level”, by optimizing your work (editing, SEO, etc), beautifying it (making it magazine-quality fab), publishing it on our open-access, free website, and even circulating it across our social platforms, in unique ways.

Our website is an online magazine, too, so regardless of what you write about, we find the right niche to showcase it in. Check out our content section, split into categories (like health, healthcare, leadership, private practice, and more) for easy use by our readers.

We work with your piece to tighten every end, and make sure that it’s fantastic from every angle. Ultimately, our goal is for our audience to love what you have to say, and follow you to your own site (where they can convert to fans, or even patients or clients). In the digital world of today, that’s how thought leaders are born.

Take a look at our article section here.

Once you submit an article as a member, it gets added into your profile. 

Articles that are particularly fabulous may also get pulled into our ARTICLES section, in the category in which they fit. They’ll not only be showcased there, but also circulated to our audience.

You bet.

SoMeDocs understands the struggles of opening up an online interactive space, and spending valuable time nurturing it, only to face the roadblock of not having it seen.

We’ve come up with an innovative solution called “Communities”, which allows experts to share details about their space, in an equal, and fair manner. It’s all overseen by SoMeDocs & ensures that your hard work translates into growth. Check out our Communities.

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