Coaching Genre: Career Coaching

Coach: The Pharma IndustryMDCoach, Nerissa Kreher

Helping physicians explore and land their fulfilling career in pharma/biotech.
Nerissa Kreher, MD: pharmaceutical industry MD coach
Nerissa Kreher, MD: pharmaceutical industry MD coach

Coach: The Pharma IndustryMDCoach, Nerissa Kreher

Coaching Genre: Career Coaching

Helping physicians explore and land their fulfilling career in pharma/biotech.

What I do as a Coach

The Pharma IndustryMDCoach was formed because I saw two problems that needed a solution.  First, the pharmaceutical industry needs more physicians as there is more demand than supply. The other problem is that my physician colleagues did not learn about the pharmaceutical industry during their medical education and training.

Because the path for physicians is clearly mapped out, they often don’t have experience in properly writing a resume, conducting a job search, interviewing and negotiating.  Given my experience as a physician that has successfully transitioned to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, I knew that I could help both an industry that I’m passionate about and my physician colleagues that need my direction!

Nerissa is passionate about her work and wants to help other physicians understand the possibilities for physicians in the pharmaceutical industry. Nerissa will transparently share the pros and cons, ups and downs, benefits and trade-offs of working in the pharmaceutical industry and help you evaluate if pursuing a role in industry is right for you. Once you’ve decided to take the first step, she will help you navigate the process.

My Coaching Topics

  • understanding roles for physicians in pharma
  • building an impactful resume
  • interviewing preparation
  • negotiating
  • building confidence
  • getting out of your head
  • getting to success!

My Ideal Client

Physician that is interesting in exploring a career in pharma/biotech. Physician that is ready to make the transition to pharma/biotech.

Here's what client success looks like to me:

Understanding the roles for physicians in pharma/biotech, building confidence, building an impactful resume, and ultimately landing the career in pharma/biotech!
Nerissa Kreher, MD: pharmaceutical industry MD coach
Nerissa Kreher, MD
Nerissa Kreher, MD

More about this Coach

Nerissa is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of a biotech company and a pediatric endocrinologist. Her transition into the pharmaceutical industry occurred early in her career and she has now accumulated more than 15 years of experience working in biotech/pharma. She started her career in Medical Affairs and then moved into Clinical Development. Her experience includes small to large biotech and both private and public companies. Her leadership as an industry veteran is also demonstrated by her Director role on a public biotech Board of Directors. She also holds an MBA from Northeastern University

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