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Internal Medicine | Physician

A board-certified internist who decided to shift gears mid-career to become a digital healthcare expert and entrepreneur. Dr. Corriel founded SoMeDocs – the site you’re on this very moment – to empower doctors, and promote their autonomy, by helping them build accounts online that help establish their authority as the experts in health. Dr. Corriel now works as a freelance consultant to both professionals and large companies, strategizing on growth and building unique digital content and pathways for businesses and brands that want to stand out.

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"I haven't LEFT medicine, I'm simply taking time to tackle its issues from a different angle. I'm stepping out of the traditional medicine box."
Dana Corriel, MD
Dana Corriel, MD

"I haven't LEFT medicine, I'm simply taking time to tackle its issues from a different angle. I'm stepping out of the traditional medicine box."

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Doctors on Social Media: Showcasing Verified Health Experts
Post-Confession Debrief: A Doctor Leaves Clinical Medicine: Dana Corriel, MD

Facebook 101 for Doctors

What is Facebook? How does one use it professionally? What do the words profile, page, group, tag mean? How does one properly engage on the platform?

Dana Corriel, MD

Speaker: Dana Corriel, MD

Dr. Dana Corriel is a physician entrepreneur who has built her own digital startup from the ground up and has grown physician communities. She can lecture on most topics, where it comes to the healthcare digital space.

Inside Out of Residency Emotions

Inside Out of Residency Emotions

Dana Corriel, MD, writes about the emotion of a newly released movie, alongside the emotion of residents, and the newly announced conference SoMeDocs is hosting.

What a Good Doctor Does

What a Good Doctor Does

Dana Corriel, MD asks whether a doctor should be labelled “bad” if they’re doing something that’s not yet accepted as the “norm”, but may be, in future years.. innovation at play!

The Winning Boxing-Punch Non-Compete

The Winning Boxing-Punch Non-Compete

Dana Corriel, MD compares the dreaded non-compete to just one of the winning moves health systems have up their sleeves against the lone doc “opponent”.

No, We Did Not Cause This By Taking Pens

No, We Did Not Cause This By Taking Pens

Dana Corriel, MD, responds to allegations that the current state of affairs for doctors in healthcare today is self-inflicted; the result of taking pens ad free lunches from pharma.

Social Media: Good or Bad?

Social Media: Good or Bad?

Dana Corriel, MD, finds social media to be a (very sharp) double-edged sword. She asked her audience what they thought and shares how they weighed in.

Tomato-Basil Topped Halibut

Tomato-Basil Topped Halibut

Dana Corriel, MD can easily see this baked halibut dish being served at a 5-star restaurant in NYC. It’s fresh, it’s meaty, and it’s damn good.

Why Physicians Need a New Side Venture Group

Why Doctors Need a New Side Venture Group

A NEW Facebook Group is being born, out of the necessity for doctors to exchange experiences, facilitate discussions in the side venture niche, and effectively network to impact change.

Should You Recycle Blog Posts and How?

Should You Recycle Blog Posts and How?

Dana Corriel, MD kept seeing the same question getting asked about online presence, again and again. So she figured she may as well share her reply here, since she’s been around the online-creation block.

[VIDEO] On Vulnerability

On Vulnerability [VIDEO]

Dr. Corriel discusses the harsh reality of what holds many physicians back from immersing themselves online, thereby opening up to new (& sometimes maybe formidable?) opportunities.

Marlene J. Wust-Smith

[EPISODE] How Do We Market Grassroots Work in Healthcare?

Doctors don’t have time getting the word out on the grassroots resources that they nurture. This exclusive video features pediatrician Marlene Wust-Smith alongside SoMeDocs founder Dr. Dana Corriel, grabbing a meal and discussing medical marketing.

Digital Advice Shorties

Digital Advice Shorties

8 pieces of advice (combined with images digitally edited first-hand), on taking on the digital world, by the creator of SoMeDocs.

Our Soul's Shell Casing

Our Soul’s Shell Casing

Dana Corriel, MD, shares this week’s video nugget, a heart-warming time-lapse of what she calls the “human body’s shell casing”.

Just Words..

Video Nugget Gold

Dana Corriel, MD, loves to comb through the world of online treasures, where she occasionally finds a share-worthy piece of gold. Below, just a few of those nuggets, curated here for you.

Nuggets to Live By

Just Words..

Dana Corriel, MD, shares this week’s words of wisdom, spoken by actress Salma Hayek.

What if Twitter Went Kaput?

Dana Corriel, MD explains how professionals should ideally regard EVERY social media platform, and use it to their benefit.

Startups, Stop Hoarding Experts

Startups, Stop Hoarding Experts

Dana Corriel, MD explains why businesses try to “hoard” experts like physicians, and why disruption is needed – STAT – in this field.

In the Name of a 'Like'

In the Name of a ‘Like’

Dana Corriel MD poses the question of how far is too far, where it comes to doctors engaging and creating on social media.

Article: The Vulnerability of Non-Conformity

The Vulnerable State of Non-Conformity

Dana Corriel, MD asks whether one must “conform” to group-think, if they’re to lead in the digital age. As leaders in healthcare, can we ever allow ourselves to stray in opinion?

Article: Feeling ‘Meta’ Motivation

Feeling ‘Meta’-Motivated

Facebook’s new “meta” rebrand represents the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem & points to new possibilities that exist even beyond the tech realm; maybe even within healthcare?!

Be Like Mary (Monroe)

A lesson learned from my lunch with Mary can be applied to ANY field you’re in. In the world of today, especially in healthcare, where we feel stifled and burned, we need more YES’s than ever.


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