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Learn how to create a passionate, joy-filled, intimate marriage on The Intimate Marriage Podcast with Alexandra Stockwell, MD.
A podcast featuring PainExam.com's and NRAP Academy's creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management for a variety of chronic pain complaints, new treatments, evidence and controversial topics, and geared towards clinicians who treat pain, pain patients and their families.
Dr Russell Kennedy, medical doctor and neuroscientist, suffered from crippling anxiety for decades. In the Anxiety Rx podcast (based on the bestselling book ANXIETY RX) Dr Russ talks about how he finally healed himself from chronic worry using psychedelics and a distinctly non traditional approach.
The Rx for Success Podcast spotlights physician leaders reflecting on the elements that helped them in their journey to success.
A podcast empowering naturally-minded and scientifically-grounded women looking to say goodbye to the fog and fatigue & rediscover their vibrant, confident selves!
Hear the conversations behind the door as you take a seat with us Inside The Doctor’s Lounge along with fellow physicians Dr. Randy Cook and Dr. Rick Zollinger, and their guests as they enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting about topics within and around the medical profession.
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