Episode 7

How To Monetize A Podcast

Live Broadcast Date: 2021-12-12 15:30

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About the Episode

Doctors On Social Media Teach Podcasting

So you want to podcast and make money? Learn methods to increase your income flow through podcasting.
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It all began with a philly sandwich.


I met Taylor in Philadelphia, at a networking event organized through SoMeDocs. In our early days, we used to call them “SoMeDocs Engage,” and we’d have physicians from major cities across the US meet on random weeknights to just schmooze. It was a well-needed activity we didn’t do enough of, as doctors, and I was prepared to light that fire.

Taylor was there, among attendees of that night’s meetup, wearing a smile that’s become signature. For me, it was a a-ha moment to see it, because he had named his podcast ‘The Happy Doc’. I now knew why.

Over the years, I’ve valued the work Taylor has created, watching him put foot to pedal where it came to bringing ideas to fruition. We’ve teamed up for this podcasting series, and are excited to see Taylor become an active coach in SoMeDocs’ new podcasting services, helping professionals build the foundation to their own podcasts. It’s the natural ‘next step’ in the growth of our venture.

So voila, that’s a bit of background into how this series was born.

Dana Corriel, MD, SoMeDocs founder

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Meet the Talent

production Team

Y’all know just how much effort gets poured into a project of this caliber. Below are the two heads behind it all. Contact SoMeDocs anytime to infuse magic into your own series.

series host
Taylor Brana, DO

Taylor Brana DO is an attending psychiatrist and creator of multiple podcasts including The Happy Doc. Through his podcast networks he has amassed over 750,000 downloads and counting. His focus is on education and empowering students and health professionals to enhance their expertise through the world of podcasting and social media presence.

Find more of his work at thehappydoc.com

producer & creator
Dana Corriel, MD

Dr. Dana Corriel is a board-certified internist who has taken a drastic pivot from seeing patients in the office to more creative entrepreneurial ventures. She founded SoMeDocs in an effort to empower physicians to use the online in order to innovate and therefore fuel positive change in healthcare. Dr. Corriel now regularly consults with individuals and companies, produces series, and markets thought leaders. You can check out a sprinkling of her creations in her self-named online portfolio, drcorriel.com.

"Not your average health networking" - SoMeDocs


The Cast

Each episode brings together a nice mix of successful physician podcasters. Dr. Brana leads the conversation in a panel discussion on the mechanics of podcasting today. Dr. Corriel produces & designs the entire thing, to distribute through SoMeDocs. Our goal? To create interest in this growing communication medium and to help facilitate connections.

Jarret Patton

podcaster panelist
Jarret “Doctor Jarret” Patton MD has served thousands of children in eastern Pennsylvania for over 20 years. Throughout his career as a board-certified pediatrician and a top hospital executive, he has continued to advocate for the personal growth of physicians, health equity, and children’s health issues. Doctor Jarret’s work is frequently highlighted nationally across radio, television, print, film, new media and his Licensed To Live® podcast. This award-winning and #1 best-selling author of the Licensed to Live® and Whose Bad @$$ Kids Are Those? ® book series is the founder and CEO of Doctor Jarret, PLLC, a coaching and consulting firm which helps educate, enlighten, and improve lives through transformation.
Jarett Patton, MD: SoMeDocs Databank
Andrew Tisser, DO

Andrew Tisser

podcaster panelist
Andrew Tisser DO specializes in emergency medicine and is the host of the Talk2MeDoc podcast. The podcast and Dr. Tisser’s work as a career strategist focus on the unique issues pertaining to the early career physician.
He works tirelessly with his clients to accelerate their goals to completion! Andrew earned his medical degree at the New York institute of technology college of osteopathic medicine. He then completed his residency at upstate medical University in Syracuse, New York. He currently holds the position of associate chair of emergency medicine in Buffalo, New York.
Andrew has been featured in NBC, NPR, and MTV news as well as multiple podcasts. He was most recently named as one of the ” 50 best doctors to follow on Instagram in 2020 quote and top 21 medical podcast. Dr. Tisser lives in Western New York with his wife Alysia, daughter Marlowe, and dog Lillie
About the Series

Doctors On Social Media Teach Podcasting

Today’s health experts are sharing expertise in audio form using podcasts as the medium. Join as we explore how to begin doing this and bring on physician innovators who are successfully leveraging the podcasting niche. Footage was live-streamed, on the date listed above

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