Genre: Burnout

Coach: Dr. Lola Day

ADHD trained life success & goals coach who helps women learn how to focus on what matters, so they can live joyfully and thrive in life
Dr. Lola Day
Dr. Lola Day

Coach: Dr. Lola Day

Genre: Burnout

ADHD trained life success & goals coach who helps women learn how to focus on what matters, so they can live joyfully and thrive in life

What I Do As A Coach

What I do: 

  • Personal & Group Coaching Specializes in productivity/ goals success, burnout, self wellness & life plan, work life harmony, time management, and the ADHD brains because I have ADHD Too
  • Companies & Health Organizations: Retreats, workshops, coach leaders
  • Speaking: Living a wealthy life, Woman! Put down Your Cape!


Client success is in 3 phases:

  1. Desire: Have awareness and self exploration of their current situation, and shifting mindset that is standing in the way of achieving their goals. – Who am I? Who do I want to become? and what is standing in my way of becoming that.
  2. Design: Strategic mission building: Strategic planning & creating the foundation of where they want to be and how to get there is completed
  3. Delightful doing: Execution with Support in achieving their goals while creating sustainable strategy that makes the goals easier to grasp.

Topics I Specialize In

  • Productivity/ goals succes
  • Burnout, self wellness
  • Life plan
  • Work life harmony
  • Time management
  • ADHD brains in the work place and health care
  • Living a wealthy life
  • Delegating effectively
  • Leading a team member who has ADHD

My Ideal Client

Busy women who – Want to succeed in life with limited road blocks and without burnout – Women who value their time and the impact of using it intentional – Women who are ready to do the work in unleveling their life by investing limited time and money in their life and future. Organizations who – know their team members success is the organization success. – Need workshop for team members or leaders Media houses Speaking engagements Workshops & retreats

What Client Success Looks Like to Me:

Creating systems for them that they can not only use at this time but can continue to thrive with while reaching the goals we set, and learning how to achieve their future goals without overwhelm or burnout. In addition to Living a wealthy life - focusing on self wellness (Mind wellness, Body wellness, and Spirituality).
Dr. Lola Day
Coach: Dr. Lola Day

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