Your Conversation With Patients About Reproductive History Matters – No Matter Your Specialty

Gail Miller, MD admits that reproductive history questions/comments are often triggering. The result can be mistrust and a setup for negative doctor-patient relationships. She delivers tips on how to avoid this.

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The talk is for doctors and any members of the healthcare team who want to learn about approaching the topic of reproductive history in a way that fosters trust and sets the tone for a positive relationship with the patient.  This is for any specialty because, even when reproductive history isn’t pertinent, the topic is often brought up as a way to establish a rapport with patients.  What may seem like innocent questions and comments, however, can actually lead to significant painful emotional reactions, damages the doctor-patient relationship and erodes the trust of physicians and healthcare in general.

Learn about:

  • Why reproductive history can be a trigger whether you have children or not and how it impacts your relationship with your patient
  • Why you shouldn’t be asking or commenting about things like “when are you going to have a/another child?” when it’s not relevant clinically 
  • How to approach the history in a sensitive manner when it is clinically pertinent
  • How to address the issue when there is a painful history
  • Resources for your patients who need help with an emotionally painful history

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The Speaker

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