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  • Toilet Training Basics
  • Eating Disorder Recognition and (Mis)Management for Physicians
  • LinkedIn Tutorial: a Nuts & Bolts Overview
Carlene MacMillan, MD

The Promise and Perils of Doctors Taking Outside Capital

Carlene MacMillan MD is a physician entrepreneur who sold her medical practice and now works for a venture backed healthtech company and has seen it all when it comes to outside capital. Physicians are facing increasing pressure to maintain and grow their practices and the landscape of options can be daunting. Let me be your guide.

Stephen Lewellis, MD, PhD, FAAD

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Stephen Lewellis, MD PhD helps us tackle feeling like something is holding us back from practicing medicine with joy AND pursuing entrepreneurship. His lecture focus? Change your mind, change your life.

Ona Utuama, MD

How to Run an E-commerce Business and Win

Ona Utuama, MD, MPH sells eyewear like hotcakes. But she admits that the e-commerce field is nothing like medical school (it’s a whole different beast). From idea to launch, e-commerce, PR, marketing, sales and getting into retail stores: tune in to learn how.

Beth Gelman, MD

Toilet Training Basics

Beth Gelman, MD reviews the signs of toilet training readiness and the techniques used to teach your toddler, including common challenges.

Dr. Basma Faris Course in SoMeDocs University

PCOS Management Needs a Makeover

Basma Faris MD, FACOG tells us that 10-12% of reproductive aged females affected by PCOS deserve comprehensive chronic disease management. Learn how care of this condition currently falls short and how it can be improved.

Making Friends with Fear in Order to Grow Your Impact

Cindy Tsai, MD addresses healers who want to make a big impact and contribute powerfully to the world. Join this session to learn how to make friends with fear so you don’t sabotage yourself and, instead, become unstoppable.

Judith Borger DO FACEP

Creating and Pivoting Your Ideal Business

Judith Borger DO FACEP shares how to expand into the next version of you, and how doing so will cause your business to expand into the next version of itself (sharing her own unconventional journey).

Alison Christy, MD, PhD

A Brief History of Women in Medicine

Alison Christy, MD, PhD utilizes fun, irreverent stories of women from the history of medicine to illustrate how we can increase diversity and underrepresented minorities in medicine.

Debra E Blaine, MD

Newbie’s Guide to Self-Publishing

Debra Blaine, MD, a multiple-time published author, overview of publishing options with their pros and cons, and an in-depth look at how easy it is to self-publish your book.

Sandra Weitz, MD

How To Write A Business Plan

Sandy Weitz MD shares how to write a business plan that transforms your ideas into the extraordinarily successful business you envision.

Heather Signorelli, DO

Medical Billing Metrics to Thrive

Heather Signorelli, MD says “Medical billing is the aorta of your practice”. She’ll review the top 5 billing metrics you must be following, benchmarks, and then how to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for those metrics.

Honest Recommendations in your Favorite Physician Facebook Group?

Facebook 101 for Doctors

What is Facebook? How does one use it professionally? What do the words profile, page, group, tag mean? How does one properly engage on the platform?



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