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11/08-10: LeadHer Summit [CONFERENCE]

LeadHer Summit is a transformative 3-day conference featuring inspiring speakers and workshops, fostering a community that empowers women from all professions to embrace their power and authenticity.


“Lectures” is a new arm of SoMeDocs that aims to make information exchange more simple, more rapid, and more accessible.

We invite experts from all fields, and of all topics, to give a lecture over a ONE HOUR ZOOM session that’s held live.

We then invite you in, for free!

The beauty of our venture is that we offer both kinds of lectures!

To help you select the target audience of a lecture, use the filters on the left side of the screen (desktop view) while viewing lecture options, and choose the “Audience Type” that fits you – “General Audience” if you’re not a doctor or “Expert Audience” if you are.

Find the lecture(s) you’re interested in attending and click on each one to open up their specific landing page.

Once there, click the ‘sign up’ button, or scroll down to find the area where you’re asked to leave your name and email. 

Once you leave your name and email behind, you’ll get emailed the Zoom link needed, which you should keep it for future use, when it’s time for the lecture to go live.



We explain to our viewers that our live lectures are a lot like a live television show taping.

The audience joins to silently watch, as the live lecture is delivered. Live presentations are recorded, with only the presenter showing. No one can hear the audience during the presentation, though we still encourage everyone to use the chat box to engage with those present, and drop any questions there are, to be addressed after the presentation ends.

Once the presentation is over, we open the session up to an exclusive Q&A, where the live audience can ask the speaker any question they have (not part of the recording) and even come up to the front.

Not when they’re delivered live.

Once they’re over, however, some lectures will cost a fee to access.

Yes, you can earn CME credit for most of our lectures (we work with CMEfy), though CME credit is given only when lectures are accessed “On-Demand” (after they’re given live).

Find the ON-DEMAND section here.

Fantastic. We love our experts.

Pitch a lecture right here.


We’re currently curating conferences, in fact, for delivery lectures in a grander fashion.

Our first conference is already scheduled, in fact. Here it is. Stay tuned for, or sign up for, more info here.

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