Gail Miller, MD

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Gail Miller is a life and wellness coach and Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician whose career has been about helping women.  She is the founder of Path Onward Life Coaching empowering women who are childless not by choice to feel worthy, live fulfilling lives and manage triggers.

After she realized biological children would not be part of her story, she went on a personal journey to grieve the loss, manage triggers, rediscover who she was before she realized that being a mother wasn’t going to be part of her life and then reimagine her future. She is passionate about helping other women find the same healing and wholeness she discovered along the way.


With her one-on-one coaching, she empowers women to rediscover who they were before they realized that their dreams of motherhood wouldn’t come true.  Her clients can navigate the difficult situations that trigger their pain through her coaching.  She helps clients redefine their visions for their lives and embrace the good in their lives.

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Empowering childless not by choice women to feel whole and worthy.
Gail Miller, MD
Gail Miller, MD

Empowering childless not by choice women to feel whole and worthy.

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