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SoMeDocs is disrupting the way we “conference”. We’re offering a twist on the old way doctors communicate, and passing on their knowledge. While in-person conferences are great, they’re usually quite costly, take up a lot of our personal time, and require effort, planning, & vacation time. We’re turning that process on its head.

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Play Video about 05/31-06/02: [CONFERENCE] Private Practice for Doctors Starting Out
Play Video about 04/15-20: [CONFERENCE] Empowering Women in the Face of Cancer: Navigating the Path Forward
Play Video about Innovative Approaches to Obesity Medicine for Healthcare Professionals.
Play Video about 06/05-07: [CONFERENCE] Neurodiversity in Healthcare
Play Video about Psychodermatology: New Frontiers for Treating Stress-Driven Skin Conditions
Play Video about Writers Conference for Healthcare Professionals. Image credit: Etienne Girardet (photo.etiennegirardet.de/unsplash)
Play Video about [Conference] Lifestyle Medicine for Everyone
Play Video about [Conference] Entrepreneurship for Doctors
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At SoMeDocs, we’re taking healthcare to the next level. Our goal is to make the field fun and exciting, kicking it up an excitement notch. We want to bring today’s verified doctors to the forefront of innovation and we’re doing it right!

We host a magazine, podcast, and even video series, where doctors contribute regularly to, and get featured. Quite the exciting connection tool.

We build one-of-a-kind directories that showcase experts, both in and out of their day jobs. Find resources based on your needs.

SoMeDocs offers lectures both on-demand and live. We nurture a community of doctors behind the scenes & connect them to you.

“An incredible group of doctors providing value and information to each other, and the public. Glad to be a part of it!” - Randie Schacter, DO

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