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Born and raised in the Detroit area, I graduated Tufts in 1984 and University of Michigan Medical School in 1988, then completed a radiology residency at Brown/RIH and neuroradiolgy fellowship at Yale. I have 33 years experience in diagnostic radiology, and have worked part time the past 17. I have lived in MI, MA, RI, CT, and now reside in southern Florida near Fort Lauderdale.

I am the only child of Ervin and Judit Wolf. Their stories of their escapes from communist Hungary, and my father’s tragic history of escaping the Nazis twice but losing his own parents, inspired me to document my parents’ tales and share those stories with the world. In “Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom,” I share my family saga-and the forgotten history of the nearly half million Hungarian Jews who were deported and killed during the Holocaust- through an epic an inspiring tale of daring escapes, terrifying oppression, tragedy, and triumph.

In addition to medicine and writing, my interests include general science, history, current events, music, sports, investing, travel, fitness, nutrition, golf, swimming, pickleball, weightlifting, and I am a foodie.

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Bat cave neuroradiologist and author of “Not a Real Enemy”
Robert J Wolf MD, neuroradiologist, author
Robert J Wolf MD

Bat cave neuroradiologist and author of “Not a Real Enemy”

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