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Book: Ripple of Change

A cathartic Yin and Yang story of both doctor and patient to: empower and inspire everyone to play their part to heal OUR healthcare system.

Book: How Healers Heal

In this book, you’ll read deeply personal stories from 33 board-certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians about how they are changing their lives and the lives of their patients using the six pillars of health with Lifestyle Medicine.

Blog: Badge of Burnout

A physician’s personal account of battling burnout and mental health struggles, with lessons learned and aspirations to live a more joyful, fulfilling life.

Book: Private Practice Solution

Private Practice Solution is a powerful guide written to empower doctors to find their way to reclaim physician autonomy and to restore the doctor-patient relationship in independent private practices.

Book: The Menopause Menu

“The Menopause Menu” is an all-in-one giftbook, medical guide, and recipe book for navigating menopause!

Ella’s Choice

Book: Ella’s Choice

“Ella’s Choice” is a children’s mental health book about consent and boundaries for ages 3+, that is an Amazon bestseller, and has been reviewed by CBC, the National Post and the Toronto Star.

Book: The Romance Rx

The Romance Rx is a steamy enemies to lovers romantic comedy that will make you laugh and make your heart melt.

Porcupine Hugs

Book: Porcupine Hugs

A lost porcupine is rejected by several potential friends because of her spines, but she finally meets a friend who appreciates her just as she is.

Blog: What the Doctor Sees

Blog: What the Doctor Sees

A weekly newsletter highlighting key topics around the physician experience and our ever changing healthcare milieu, from Dr. Mick Connors.

Book: The Ottava Method

Book: The Ottava Method

The Ottava Method of Self Coaching helps people achieve their goals by utilizing business, musical and coaching concepts in an 8-step method to guide ANYONE to success.

Blog: Dr. Incorporated

Blog: Dr. Incorporated

Dr. Inc informs and inspires doctors about how to live their best lives by forming their own micro-corporation.

And the Best Diet Is... by Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Dipl ABOM

Book: And The Best Diet Is…

An easy to read guide on all the popular diets so the reader can make an informed decision on which eating style may work best for their lifestyle.

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