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By Karla Lester, M.D.
"the magical everywhere" is a beautifully illustrated children's book by Dr. Karla Lester where young readers are transported around the world visiting all 7 continents and landing back at home to find the magical is everywhere!
By David Epstein, MD, MS, FAAP
David Epstein MD's blog explains medical issues having to do with the health of children, relays perspectives on current events from a medical standpoint, discusses how to create medical content, and describes personal experiences in medicine.
By Alexandra Stockwell, MD
"Uncompromising Intimacy" will show you how to transform your marriage into a loving, connected, passionate, intimate partnership. Through stories, questions for the reader, and very clear prose, this book will open you to how much more is possible for you and your partner, and show you exactly how to create it.
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