Elena Shea, MD, IBCLC

Pediatrician. Mom. Lactation Consultant


I am a board certified pediatrician and mom of three young kiddos. I live and work outside Washington DC. I love being able to help care for a diverse patient population and help educate families in order to raise healthy kids.

I am a strong advocate for families making science based choices for their families. Becoming a mother myself opened my eyes to the every day struggles of parenting in the modern world. It led me to create PedsMomLife as a way to provide research based information to parents who are seeking it. I am passionate about improving children’s health care in general and particularly about supporting new parents during their fourth trimester.

Personally, I struggled to nurse both my children and felt the external pressure of our pro-breastfeeding society to a great extent. I had amazing lactation consultants who helped and supported me during those hard times and truly feel they saved my life. They inspired me to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Using my own experience and newly learned knowledge, I was able to create a virtual breastfeeding course to provide new parents with the resources I wish I had had. This course is the first in many to come to help navigate new parenthood.

When I am not working or education, I can usually be found playing pretend with my kids, trying to read a book, or working out.

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"Empowering parents and supporting families so they can raise healthy happy children"
Even in Healthcare, We're So Easily Connected: Featuring Dr. Elena Shea
Elena Shea, MD, IBCLC
Pediatrician. Mom. Lactation Consultant

"Empowering parents and supporting families so they can raise healthy happy children"


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