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Creative Physicians Community

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This community is for physicians looking to reconnect with, or discover, their creativity and join a group of like minded artists, musicians and creatives of all types.

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Organizer: Candice Williams, MD

Welcome to Creative Physician Community!

This group is for Physicians who embrace creativity and incorporate it into their lives to become the best version of themselves.

Here’s a bit of my story…

I’m an Anesthesiologist/Pain Specialist, wife, and mother of 3.

Two years ago, I practiced OR Anesthesiology and was stressed/overwhelmed. After grappling with wanting to escape life, change was mandatory.

I left to live my passion for writing and producing music. My mindset mood, attitude, and habits changed drastically.

My goal is to help physicians overcome despair with creativity. The arts have the transformative power to help physicians live aligned with their authentic selves.

So if you are:

*Desiring to be creative to relieve stress at work and overcome hopelessness

*Dreaming of playing an instrument or creating art as a means of expressing your truth

*Wanting a community of physicians for support in your creative journey

Then this group is for you!

“It's a clever & needed resource because it allows so many of us to equally help each other grow”

I acknowledge that this site is not to be used for medical advice.

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