Candice Williams, MD

Musician, Creative Physician, Mother

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At a Glance:

“Create. Every. Day.”

About me

I am an Anesthesiologist/Pain Medicine Specialist turned music producer from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been a musician since childhood and, like many physicians, I suppressed my love for music in pursuit of a medical career. As a wife and mother of 3, I found myself unhappy, struggling and battling burnout. After much soul searching and prayer, I re-discovered my creative passions and this helped me overcome burnout to create the life I dreamed of. My collaborative project, Black Beauty Project is a collective effort with Jasmine Colbert (poetess/songwriter) and Nena Lockhhart (songwriter/vocalist) is one that seeks to uplift the African American Community and celebrates diversity. Our singles Black Beauty and Future are available on all music outlets.

I am a firm believer that music is healing. One of my goals is to share healing music with the medical community (healthcare workers and patients) in clinical settings. My album Serenity Sounds: Music for Healing and Relaxation will be released January 2022.  My singles Serenity and Tranquility are available on all music outlets. My other passion is to be a champion for physician creativity. It is my desire to see every doctor discover their creative side whether as a hobby, outlet, side gig or for pure joy.

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