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What is the "Collaborative"?

Health experts individually innovating today face a major pain point: they work hard to build & nurture groups, but can’t get proper visibility.

The result? Growth is painfully slow.

So we came up with a solution. 

At SoMeDocs, we want to help make a difference. We aim to facilitate connections, and help the world to easily find expert work and spaces!

We formed our “Communities”, an interactive space that functions as a physician “UN”, of sorts, based on one simple premise: that community leaders want to collaboratively grow.

Participation Criteria

1) fill out the form with your group’s details

2) share The Communities Page – where every participant’s community is listed, – on the 1st of each month, in your own community.

That’s it.

Step 1: drop your email if you agree to the criteria above. You'll be added to the list and get a monthly reminder to share the Interactive Space Collaborative link each month.

Step 2: let's add your space in and let the world know! We will circulate your space's info on our social media platforms as well!

1-2 sentences max.

Have a photo to represent your group? Just images (must be yours), no words. Square dimension, ideally 1000 x 1000


Full name and degree (to be listed as the organizer of this space)

Link a person can click to access your space.

With handle; write out as: @drcorriel, for example. For sharing purposes.

Share what you want to tell us. This is for our eyes only and not for publication.

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