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Many doctors today spend time creating communities online, and then nurturing them. But they face a major pain point: their target audience don’t know these communities exist!

So we came up with a solution. 

At SoMeDocs, we want to help make a difference. We aim to facilitate connections, and help the world to easily find doctors’ spaces!

Robert Saul, MD: SoMeDocs Databank

Participation Criteria

  1. become a member of SoMeDocs (& therefore a verified doctor)
  2. fill out the form with your group’s details & submit
  3. share your portfolio, once published, with our community – so they know YOU exist. Share it with your community, too – so they know that WE exist.


That’s it.

Complete this form in one sitting. Once submitted, your form will be optimized, beautified, & published, which typically takes 24-48 hours. We'll email you once it's published, so you can share it with your audience, and we can both grow.

1-2 sentences max.

Full name and degree (to be listed as the organizer of this space)

Link a person can click to access your space.

(optional) With handle; write out as: @drcorriel, for example. For sharing purposes.

Share what you want to tell us. This is for our eyes only and not for publication.

I acknowledge that this site is not to be used for medical advice.

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“Why should I become a member of SoMeDocs if I already have my own space online?”