WHEN:2023-04-20 16:00 EST

04/20: Healing Cancer with Your Immune Cells: An Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

Minako Abe, MD, the vice-president of the Tokyo Cancer Clinic, shares how to EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, RELAX to support your immune system and using your own immune cells to destroy cancer.


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2023-04-20 16:00 EST

Target audience: this talk is intended for anyone that has been affected by cancer.

Our immune system patrols the body, seeks out, and destroys abnormal cancerous cells.  Problems occur when our immune system fails to detect and cancer cells grow and divide out of control.  Lifestyle has a HUGE impact on our immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

You will learn about the best evidence-based ways to EAT, SLEEP, MOVE & RELAX to optimize your immune system for an anti-cancer lifestyle.

You will also learn about the latest cutting edge immune cell treatments to specifically target your cancer including cellular cancer vaccines and Natural Killer Cell therapy using your OWN cells to target and fight cancer.


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The Lecturer

Minako Abe, MD

Minako Abe, MD

Dr. Minako Abe has dual board certifications in Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She is the CEO of Lifestyle Medicine Japan and Vice-President of the Tokyo Cancer Clinic. In addition to providing cutting edge immune cell therapies for cancer, she coaches patients and survivors in lifestyle and mindset so that they thrive, not just survive. She is a published researcher, an international speaker, and can be found @Dr Minako on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. She lives in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and two children.

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Minako Abe, MD

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