Simran Rattan, MD

CEO of Kartar Health, Speaker, Meditation Teacher


I am  the Founder and CEO  of Kartar Health. I use a comprehensive preventative approach so that you can live a quality life, be happy, and feel vibrant in all aspects of spirit, mind, and physical health. My expertise is in Preventative Integrative Medicine , Women’s Health, Bio-identical Hormones,  Men’s Hormonal Health, Spiritual Health, and Mind-Body Medicine.

My expertise in Health & Wellness Coaching helps you tie your meaning and purpose to your health goals helping you get motivated and inspired to create habits that stick. I will work with you to lay a solid foundation to prevent decline and work towards optimal health so that you can have more control over your health and life.


  • Triple board-certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Harvard Medical School, Media and Medicine Certification
  • Advanced Certified in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), The Academy of Preventive & Innovative Medicine
  • Completed the Inter-professional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC), George Washington Institute of Spiritual Health (GWISH)
  • Graduate from the Andrew Weil Centre of Integrative Medicine Fellowship program and Integrative Health Coaching Program
  •  Vibrant Celestial Meditation Master Teacher and meditator (25 years)
  • Level 1 Tai Chi Instructor from Ji Hong Tai Chi in Mississauga

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Optimize Your Health in body, mind and spirit. Create a Life Well-lived.
Simran Rattan, MD
Simran Rattan, MD

Optimize Your Health in body, mind and spirit. Create a Life Well-lived.


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