Rinku Mehra, MD, MBA

Physician, Young Women’s Health Advocate, Telemedicine Champion


Dr. Mehra has always been a champion of education and health and wellness.  As an immigrant and a woman from Afghanistan, where women historically have had no rights to an education, Dr. Mehra learned early on to value education and to be an advocate for health and wellness in women.

Dr. Mehra started her career in 2008 as a Pediatric Endocrinologist in a large academic center in the DC metropolitan area. While in academic medicine, she was exposed to technology in the field of diabetes. She saw first hand how continuous glucose monitors  and insulin pumps revolutionized care for patients with Type 1 Diabetes and could improve health outcomes. This led her to work at the FDA where she was involved with the approval for several continuous glucose monitors. She continued to enjoy patient care and subsequently was the Medical Director of Pediatric Endocrinology in a large multi speciality Pediatric practice.  While practicing, Dr. Mehra continuously looked for ways to reach a larger volume of patients and improve health outcomes. Even before the COVID 19 pandemic, Dr. Mehra was a strong advocate of technology and telemedicine for pediatric endocrine patients.  As Medical Director, Dr. Mehra was frustrated with long wait times, less time that she could spend with patients and increasing boundaries placed on her to see her patients.  In 2022, Dr. Mehra decided to start a primarily telemedicine focused practice designed to offer more education, more access, and wider outreach to patients and parents with concerns about hormonal disorders. Going back to her roots as a woman, and an immigrant, she decided to focus her attention to start a telemedicine practice for young women with concerns about puberty, PCOS, menstrual concerns, thyroid disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Her goal is to empower young girls and women to understand their bodies and health from an early age and have access to a specialist who cares about them the way their own family does. Dr. Mehra is board certified in Pediatric Endocrinology, and Obesity Medicine. She has her Medical Degree from the University of Virginia and earned her MBA at the Haslam School of Business in Knoxville, Tennessee. She sees patients by telemedicine in VA, MD and Florida and has in-person appointments in Virginia.

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Physician, Entrepreneur, Young Women's Health Advocate, Telemedicine Champion
Rinku Mehra, MD, MBA
Rinku Mehra, MD, MBA
Physician, Young Women's Health Advocate, Telemedicine Champion

Physician, Entrepreneur, Young Women's Health Advocate, Telemedicine Champion


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