R. Ryan Sadeghian MD MBA

Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)


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Visionary and transformational technology leader with repeated success leading enterprise clinical informatics operations, developing architecture, and optimizing data analysis. Extensive experience directing cross-functional teams in the design and integration of leading-edge technologies and solutions. Expert in launching technology programs that streamline operations, drive innovation, advance business strategy, and engage providers and staff. Seasoned team builder focused on acquiring and developing high-performing leaders and fostering cultures of excellence.

I am a Pediatrician/Healthcare Executive and the first in North America with double fellowship training in both Clinical (ACGME-Accredited) and Biomedical Informatics (NIH-funded). I served as a member of the executive committee of the Council for Clinical Information Technology (COCiT) section of the American Academy of Pediatrics. As an Executive Physician leader, I focus on the transformation of healthcare delivery by translating Clinical Informatics, Digital Medicine & Enterprise Data, and Analytics assets into measurable value for consumers and clinical providers, strategic planning, and budgetary and operational oversight. I have extensive experience in Healthcare IT and assisted in various lean-based system workflow designs and implementations. My current line of work is clinical workflow analysis, implementation of EMR and telemedicine technology across the enterprise, and the county to increase access to care, designing mobile healthcare applications, optimizing EHR performance, and ensuring clinical workflows are respected by IT solutions. I am interested in lean management in healthcare, improving healthcare value, quality, and safety; as well as increasing access to care in underserved areas.

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"Caring for your child's health and happiness, one visit at a time."
R. Ryan Sadeghian MD MBA
R. Ryan Sadeghian MD MBA

"Caring for your child's health and happiness, one visit at a time."


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