Christian D. Bentley, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Speaker, Author


I have been a practicing, ABOS Board-Certified orthopaedic surgeon for over 20 years specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopy and taking trauma call the entire time.  I feel that healthcare can only change by encouraging personal growth of individual providers and patients.  I have had a broad-range of practice and work experience as well as experiencing the vicissitudes of healthcare over that time.  My goal now is to focus on the creative spirit I had when I was younger and use my knowledge and talents to assist other physicians and patients to seek personal freedom; whether that be in healing an injury or developing new skills.  I seek to transition away from clinical practice to focus on personal development, fiction and non-fiction writing as well as improving healthcare at the institutional level.

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Save healthcare by empowering the personal freedom of both physicians and patients
Christian D. Bentley, M.D.
Christian D. Bentley, MD

Save healthcare by empowering the personal freedom of both physicians and patients


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