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Experienced and expertly trained, Dr. Shanbhag is a fellowship trained Physiatrist, dual Board Certified in PM&R and Pain Medicine, with a particular emphasis & focus on the least invasive care of spine mediated pain. He earned his medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina – College of Medicine, after which he went on to complete  a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, followed by separate fellowships in Interventional Pain Management & subsequently Neurodiagnostic (EMG/NCS) Medicine. Dr. Shanbhag then went on to complete clinical postgraduate training in Endoscopic & Percutaneous Spine Surgery.


His particular interests are in the minimally invasive care of spinal compression fractures, painful metastatic cancer to the spine vertebrae & pelvis/sacrum, spinal stenosis, herniated/degenerated discs, and spinal arthritis. Concurrent in his approach, to complement advanced spinal care, is the use of  natural methods such as Prolotherapy, along with Platelet Rich Plasma & Platelet Lysate –  incorporating the body’s own solutions to optimize and enhance healing, relief, and ultimately function for debilitating and intractable spine pain.


Dr. Shanbhag takes a foundational and BASIC approach to the care of patients with spine pain – Biologic, Anatomic, Structural, Interventional, & Conservative. His ultimate goal for the patient – “Pain Resolved, Function Increased, & Quality of Life Restored.”


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"ReDucing Pain, ReStoring Function, & ReCharging Quality of Life"
Ashish G. Shanbhag, M.D.

"ReDucing Pain, ReStoring Function, & ReCharging Quality of Life"

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