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The 3 Step Process for Accomplishing More

Lecture was delivered by Joe Fairless, as a part of our “Even Doctors Need ife Lessons” Series
Joe Fairless

The Panel Discussion

Note: this discussion panel was streamed live, into our Youtube channel and the doctors-only Facebook group. See host & panelist bios below.


Dr. Amelia L. Bueche


Dr. Amelia L. Bueche is a specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, nurturing health and empowering patients to realize their amazing inherent capacity. Dr. Bueche founded This Osteopathic Life to expand the understanding and application of osteopathic philosophy beyond the clinical setting, ultimately serving as guiding principles for a cultural revolution grounded in love and humanity.  Dr Bueche is a leader of coaches and a coach of leaders, serving as Chair of Coaching for AMWA IGNITE and is the founder of Coaching For Institutions – Bringing Health to Medicine. She specializes in design and facilitation of coaching programs for physicians at all stages of education, training and practice, helping them unleash their inner potential to develop immunity to burnout and find success in any situation.


This Episode's

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt


Dr. Heather Hammerstedt is a board-certified emergency physician, full partner and assistant medical director with Vituity, a physician-owned multispecialty group, in Boise Idaho. Additionally, she is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and CEO of Wholist, where she uses her background in Integrative Nutrition, health coaching, lifestyle medicine, telehealth and medical acupuncture, to integrate the evidence behind weight, sleep, food, exercise, mindfulness and more to help empower and implement sustainable lifestyle transformation via innovative coaching and consulting programs. She came to Boise in 2008 from Boston, where she had worked as an attending Emergency Physician for Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. She completed her medical studies at Temple University School of Medicine, and did her postgraduate residency in Emergency Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess’s Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency program. Current EM related specialization includes Idaho ACEP chapter president, family medicine residency clerkship director, and advocacy and legislative work state-wide. She also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Harvard School of Public Health, with a concentration in international health sector development and nutrition. She is one of the co-founders and executives of the nonprofit 501c3 organization, Global Emergency Care (GEC) and currently functions as Executive Director. GEC currently has an ongoing clinical, academic, and consultant relationship with stakeholders in Uganda, where they have creating the country’s first emergency medicine training programs for advanced providers and physicians and working with the national government to create a national emergency care system. She loves life in Idaho with her husband, skiing, rafting, running, and chasing after two small boys and a big chocolate lab.
SoMeDocs Databank: Kristin Yates Coleman, DO

Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman


Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman is a board certified Ob/Gyn Physician practicing in New Hampshire. She loves Ob/Gyn because it is the perfect mix of primary care and surgery, with the added benefit of caring for women during their pregnancies. Outside of medicine, she is passionate about helping young physicians overcome imposter syndrome and create exactly the career that they want. She also hosts the Imposter to Unstoppable podcast, which sheds a light on the prevalence of imposter syndrome in medicine. For fun, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 daughters, reading, riding her Peloton and cooking.

Dr. Akash Sharma


Dr. Akash Sharma is a Nuclear Radiologist in a multispecialty practice. A graduate of Ross University, he completed his diagnostic radiology training at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT, followed by a fellowship in nuclear radiology at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. He is dual board certified in general radiology and nuclear medicine. He has practiced in both private practice and academic institutions. While practicing diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine is his primary passion, he has strong interest and background in graduate medical education, operational and quality control aspects of healthcare, and physician wellness. He completed an MBA while practicing as an attending physician in order to learn more about business of medicine as well as to explore entrepreneurial ventures. These pursuits have recently found a home in physician entrepreneurial groups, real estate investments, and pursuit of formal training in life and executive coaching. Dr. Sharma also has great affinity for the written word, be it poetry or prose. Most recently, he can be found nurturing a new blog at jeevun.com.

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