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title and specialty

Specialty:  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation  Title: COO of ArchiveCore I was Medical Director of a 33 bed inpatient rehab unit until July, when I left my practice to work full-time on ArchiveCore.

innovation project and tagline

ArchiveCore reduces administrative delays in credentialing so that healthcare professionals can provide patient care for your system faster.

problem your innovation solves

Each year more than 150,000 healthcare professionals must undergo an extensive background check known as credentialing before they can begin treating patients. The traditional credentialing process typically takes 90-120 days. Each day that a physician sits on the sidelines due to administrative delays, health care systems sacrifice $7000-$10,000 in potential revenue. With ArchiveCore, hospital systems can verify primary source records in minutes so they can fill positions and onboard new hires faster.

intended target audience/user of your innovation

Hospital systems with GME programs

interesting experience while developing your innovation

I’m a PM&R physician in rural Southwest Virginia, so as you can imagine, recruiting can be a bit of a challenge. We had a growing practice and were routinely working short-staffed. It would often take more than a year to hire a new physician, and once we’d sign a contract, we’d then have to wait 120 days or more to complete credentialing. Several times the credentialing would fall through nearly 4 months into the process. This was devastating to our team, to the physician who had been set to join us and his or her family, and to the patients who were already on the schedule to be seen. After watching this happen several times, I knew that we had to find a way to change this archaic and inefficient process.

mistakes/hurdles along the way

Keel and I both continued to work jobs that were definitely more than 1.0 while also trying to build a tech company, and we both prioritized our hospital jobs over this project. I finally left my practice in July, which allowed me to participate in the Lighthouse Labs accelerator. We’ve grown so much in the last 6 months. I wish I’d taken that leap sooner. We’ve both struggled with leveraging our networks. It’s taken a while to get over feeling “icky” about sales. We have a product that helps hospitals save money, helps physicians transition jobs sooner, and improves access to care, so now I’m excited about sharing this information.

typical day in your life

When I decided to leave my practice to work on ArchiveCore. I thought I’d have the house to myself during the day and would have some admin help from our old nanny. She, however, has started teaching at my son’s school. So like many other moms, I am suddenly trying to do a full-time job, manage virtual school for my son & his best friend, who are both doing school from our house, and run a house without external help. I tend to wake up early (530ish) so I can get work done before everyone else is up. I walk the dog, have coffee, throw in a load of laundry & do my morning daily review to make sure I’m clear on my priorities for the day. I’m a morning person, so I block my mornings for work that needs deep focus. I take a break around 11 to work out & get presentable in case I have afternoon meetings. The kids & I usually have a quick lunch together. Afternoons are for meetings and projects that don’t require as much focus. I try to block an afternoon hour a few days during the week to work with the kids on a science project or Scouts. I try to wrap up my work day around 5 to do house-related chores and fix dinner. We eat dinner as a family, and then I usually end up spending a few more hours working or in meetings after dinner.

someone who inspires you

My partner, Keel Coleman. I met Keel in a physician leadership course about 10 years ago. Keel is an ED doc and is a bit intimidating when you first meet him, but he quickly became a mentor and then a friend. He’s an amazing teacher and continues to push me out of my comfort zone.

parting words of wisdom

As physicians, we are trained to learn new information, and we know how to work hard and ask for help. It’s definitely easier to have a business that is squarely in your wheelhouse, but don’t be afraid of spaces that are new, too.
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Innovator Bio

Dr. Lennox McNeary has been leading teams in health care for over 16 years as a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician, including 5 years as Medical Director of a 33-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation unit. Lennox is passionate about healthcare disparities and holds multiple national leadership positions focused on improving access to quality health care.
Health Innovator Series: Reducing administrative delays in credentialing so healthcare professionals can provide patient care for systems, faster.

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The Health Innovators series features doctors who think outside the box, push past healthcare “comfort zones,” and take a chance on their ideas.

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