X-Rays by Day, Improv by Night: Dr. David Fessell

X-Rays by Day, Improv by Night: Dr. David Fessell
David Fessell, MD is a radiologist by day, but engages in other pastimes

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Tell us about you and what makes you different.

I’m a radiologist and a graduate of the second city improv conservatory.

I’m now on a mission of mindfulness, wellness & thriving.

I love to spread joy via keynotes, articles (HBR, JAMA, Psychology today & medical journals) & 1:1 coaching.

Many effective and evidence-based strategies can help with stress reduction and burnout. There is hope!


What led you to pursue improv?

Early in my career, I was very anxious when speaking in public.

A friend recommended improv training, and I’m so glad — it was exactly what I needed.

Improv is a group experience and that makes it both supportive and fun!


Why do you feel that “spreading joy” should be prioritized?

As humans, we have a hard-wired “negativity bias” that alerts us to threats and risk. It helps us survive — and that is a very good thing.

But we also need to bring in positive emotions, like joy and wonder, to balance it out. And who doesn’t need more joy?


X-Rays by Day, Improv by Night: Dr. David Fessell
Dr. Fessel loves to travel, learn & experience new cultures. He’s seen, here, in Taormina, Sicily, 2023.


Your profile says you have a book coming in 2024. What can we expect?

Stay tuned for a practical and fun read — wellness strategies you can use today, and easily share with family, friends, and colleagues!…


What’s your favorite social media platform to use?

I really like LinkedIn and I’m very active there, both in posting and in commenting.

It’s filled with professionals who share great information on many aspects of personal & business development.

Lots of inspiring stories and creative approaches as well — love it!

X-Rays by Day, Improv by Night: Dr. David Fessell
Dr. Fessell at a Michigan vs. OSU game, 2023. “What a great day!” he says of the game. “Go Blue!”


Do you believe medicine is headed in the right direction? What steps can it take to be better?

It’s definitely a tough time with staffing shortages and increased volumes, as well as financial pressures.

Change is needed, to better support providers, and create cultures of well-being at all levels.


When giving a keynote speech, what advice do you have for newbie speakers (we have a speaker section with lots of docs who do this)?

Prepare, prepare, prepare — ideally in the very room you will be speaking in.

This helps you own the space and feel like it’s your home, not a stage!


X-Rays by Day, Improv by Night: Dr. David Fessell
Dr. Fessel was honored to have spoken on, “Less Stress & More Happiness: 6 Tips for Living Your Best Life” at Amsterdam Medical Center, October 27, 2023.


Have you enjoyed practicing as a radiologist? Do you regret anything about it?

I enjoyed it and feel it was an honor to practice for almost 30 years.

At this point in my life, I’m very happy to focus on prevention, health promotion, and stress reduction, both personally and professionally.


We have a new STUDENT section forming. What advice do you have for our pre-medical and medical students?

Develop healthy habits now, including regular exercise, mindfulness, and a strong social network.They will serve you well as you navigate the rigours of medical training.

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