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"About disappointments and why you should learn to love them: a leader's perspective."

I love making career choices that disappoint people.

My Harvard thesis advisors shouted I was ridiculous to become a management consultant. They wanted me to get a Ph.D. in aesthetic philosophy.

My consultant colleagues shook their heads when I left for law school. They wanted me to focus on product development.

My law firm corporate department chair was shocked when I left to work for a consulting firm.  He wanted me to gun for partner.

My consulting colleagues wondered why I left a first-class legal department to become a solo general counsel at a startup company.

People still ask me why I bother to teach, since teachers don’t make much money.

“If you care about other people’s approval, you are their prisoner.” – Tao Te Ching

Learn to love disappointing people.

Make Your Own Choices. Live Your Own Values. Write Your Own Life Story.

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