Can Doctors Really Unify?

Will teaching it in medical school will suddenly change all the ingrained narcissism and cut throat gunners to being more “for the team?” Doubtful. Some things cannot be taught.

To all folks who talk about lack of unity and how it’s not taught in medical school and in training….

So, teaching it in medical school will suddenly change all of the ingrained narcissism and cut throat gunners to being more “for the team?”
Doubtful. Some things cannot be taught.
Doctors jump to the opportunity to review cases and testify against their colleagues for the $$$ – you think that was taught in medical school?
I think in many ways it goes hand in hand.
We aren’t willing to unify but if we are given some $$$$ – holy heck let’s testify! Do you think doctors would testify if it was unpaid? Doubtful.

Why is it that outsiders think doctors only care about $$$?

Outside of doctors, everyone has a violin for our “degraded pay” – they aren’t gonna feel for us when many are struggling to find a stable paycheck.
If a doctor is willing to partake as a travel nurse because “they get paid more” – I rest my case.
Sorry, I’d rather not constantly work with Covid patients.
We went through our Covid spikes and it’s over at least for now.
Imagine managing such spikes every day for now almost 2 years.
Chasing $$ and exchanging time and mental energy for such $$ isn’t going to change for that person even if they came away with double their salary.
Rather than looking at the nursing offers and applauding their pay for such level of work (we need more bedside nursing as they are leaving in droves for CRNA/NP route), doctors are upset and want to join them… that’s a major mindset issue imo (in my opinion).
We can’t seem to think of ways of boosting our cause in a unified manner. I’ll let y’all consider the reasons as to why.


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