Writers' Summit

This event took place in 2021 and is no longer accessible. You can, however, peruse this page! Just scroll down.

Wee went live in Feb 2021.



We feel so lucky to have hosted an event with such a rich lineup of speakers. Now that the festivities are over, you’ll find the exciting pre-recorded content, meant to both inspire & teach, accessible in the SoMeDocs Courses collection, where we showcase experts’ online courses.

We hope you’ll love what we built.

Candace & Dana

(the co-hosts)

We'd like to thank all of the experts who participated in this LIVE event, and hope you'll join us in future events we organize.

We're bringin' it.

Pssst.. this was our promo, in which we highlighted our pre-recorded speakers.

A look at our "who's who":

Samuel Shem, MD, the author of House of God

Samuel Shem

(Live Keynote Speaker)

Dr. Shem is the author of multiple books,
including the best-selling novel "House of God,"
which sold over 3 million copies.
(not available in current post-recording footage)

General Lineup:

(Note: Live speakers’ lectures no longer available to view)

Jacqui Banaszynsk

(Pulitzer-Prize Winner)
Live Workshop: "Writing Clarity 101"

Jen Jonas Donatelli

(Journalist & Managing Editor)
Live Workshop: "Pitch Perfect"

Robin Schoenthaler, MD

(Moth Grand Slam winner)
Live lecture: "Short Pieces, Huge ROI"

Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener

(Harvard Writer's Faculty)
Bonus Lecture: "Healthcare Writing"

Day 1: Books

Jill Grimes, MD

Dr. Jill Grimes

"College Student Health Handbook"

Conversations with Shem: Episode One Kimmery Martin

Dr. Kimmery Martin

"Queen of Hearts", "The Antidote for Everything"

Suzanne Koven, MD

Dr. Suzanne Koven

"Letter to a Young Female Physician"

Drs. Maiysha Clairborne & Jill Wener

"Conscious Anti-Racism"

Conversations with Shem: Episode One Niran Al-Agba

Dr. Niran Al-Agba

"Patients at Risk"

Day 2: Blogs

Dr. Leif Dahleen

"Physician on Fire"

Headshot of Dana Corriel, MD (aka Dr. Corriel)

Dr. Dana Corriel

"SoMeDocs" & "Dr. Corriel"

Dr. Amna Husain

"Pure Direct Pediatrics"

Dr. Lane Patten

"With Two Spoons"

Dr-To-Be Vishnu Krishna

"Faces of the Frontline"

Day 3: Op-ed's

Dr. Bruce Lee

Senior Forbes contributor, alsonin Times, HuffPost, MIT Tech Review, Guardian

Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran

New York Times, New York Magazine, Boston Globe, Atlantic contributor

Jennifer Lycette, MD

Dr. Jennifer Lycette

NEJM, JAMA, Doximity contributor

Dr. Marion Mass

Wall Street Journal, Philly Inquirer, The Hill

Dr. Arthur Williams

Doximity, General Surgery News, author of "The Surgeon's Obol"

Wise Words Shared at our Summit:

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Below, the schedule :

Some of the books our authors have published:

Bonus footage

you'll also get access to this lecture, from our members-only series, featuring Lisa Tener, book coach & writing expert.

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