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Doctor Writers Teach Physicians About Various Writing Tips

If you want to know more about writing as a health professional, this is the perfect course for you!

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Here's the deal.

Writing as a health professional.


This course was lovingly pieced together by SoMeDocs founder, Dana Corriel, MD, and psychiatrist and author Candace Good, MD.

The two physicians decided that writing as health professionals was more important than ever; especially in a world so digitally connected. Health professionals seemed to be more and more reliant on the online world than ever, and writing was crucial to stand out in it.

The course was:

  • held LIVE last February
  • included both LIVE and pre-recorded content
  • featured multiple interviews with leading physician writers, journalists, and bloggers
  • offered up a lot of tips and tricks on writing as a health professional



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What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

  • sneak peek into the world of successful health writing
  • how-to’s
  • secrets that help smooth the writing process
  • tips that have helped these success stories, and will help you, too
  • confidence to take on your own writing journey
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What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Drs. Dana Corriel and Candace Good led this fantastic summit, when it was debuted live in February 2021. In the pre-recorded footage included in the course, Dr. Candace Good sits across each expert, and interviews each on their tips and advice. Find Dr. Good’s course in the university space as well.

Stand-Out Features:

  • Professional Videos
  • Multiple Experts Featured
  • Edited footage to give you just the right content, without the “bore”
  • Short segments, split into 7 minutes each
  • Watch on the go, and atyour own pace!

One Last Thing.

Watch the footage and start YOUR OWN writing journey today!

What it'll Cost Ya:


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