How to Use The WRITERS Portal

(and not get overwhelmed)

In this portal, we house all things “writers”.

For those who are writers, we’ll be building unique opportunities to showcase your writing spaces like books or blogs, on the front-facing website, so readers can see what you’ve created.

We’ll also be adding any relevant learning material, as well as resources for growth that arise.

Our goal is to help writers get their work seen, and to fuel more connections through a collective marketing effort.

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Your Writer's Feature

If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to build your podcast a feature. BAM!

Get showcased in our special writer’s section, and throughout the site, where relevant. Build a beautiful page dedicated to YOUR podcast, complete with specifics that make it shine.

Once it’s approved and published on the front end, please add it to your own website, with a link, so we can mutually grow our SEO ranking.

If you let your audience know about SoMeDocs, and tag @SoMeDocs so we see, we’ll re-share it to on our social platforms, too!

Your Writers Feature

It’s time to build your writers feature. BAM.

Get showcased on the front of our website, in our writing section. Build a beautiful page dedicated to YOUR coaching work, complete with the specifics that make you shine.

Once it’s approved and published on the front end, please add it to your own website, with a link, so we can mutually grow our SEO ranking. Also, share it with your audience so they see how you shine. 

NOTE: please create your submission carefully, as you can’t currently edit it in real-time as you can the profile, course, and articles. If you need to make changes, please email our team at

Please fill out the form below. You must fill out the required sections or your page will not be created (we aim for consistency).

Submit Your Writer Feature

Include your degree, if you wish it to be displayed this way.

Tell us about the book, blog, etc, in 150 words or less

Summarize your book or blog in 1-2 sentences max. This is for an excerpt.

Write it out as you'd like it to appear on your page, as the author of the book or blog, etc

Books versus blog versus another form, if fits

Pick the one that BEST describes your book's genre

Write out at Month, Date, Year,. Example: April 17, 2004.

Is your target reader another expert or member of public? If both, choose public.

Write this out using "https://". For example:

Please provide a photo of your book. 1000 x 1000 is ideal. Transparent, if possible.


Please keep under 200 words.

Give a 1-2 sentences quote that either exemplifies the book, gives a summary, or is something fabulous you want to leave the audience with. This will appear next to your picture and name, in quotes.

(Optional): In 1-2 short sentences, ask our audience an interactive (and preferably fun) question pertaining to your book. This is part of an "audience challenge" to get them engaging with your page. Be as unique as you'd like! For example, if you wrote about your life as a doctor, you could ask, "What would you want to know about living life as a doctor?" or "I eat a warm blueberry muffin every single day, on waking up. What do YOU eat for breakfast?".

This is not for publication. Please leave a comment, thought, suggestion, or anything else you'd like to communicate to our team. We read these!

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