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Podcast: Women Physicians Flourish

At a glance: Women Physicians Flourish! The title is statement of intent: to bring science, stories, and amazing people to help all women physicians flourish.

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About the Podcast

I’m Rebecca Lauderdale, and I’m a primary care internist in the Deep South. I know what it’s like to think flourishing isn’t possible.  But through my own experience, I’ve become a student of life and flourishing. Now I believe that it IS possible for us all to live full, rewarding lives by our own definitions.

I realized fairly early on that many of the things I struggled with were directly related to the fact that I’m a woman.  Physicians of all genders struggle with burnout and dissatisfaction that spills over into their personal lives at a much higher rate than the general population but for women physicians it’s even worse.  There are significant social and cultural barriers it can take a lot of courage to work against our conditioning and against others’ expectations so that we can live in a way that works for us and for the other women that come after us.

It is so important to have a group of people, a tribe, who understand what you’re going through and can empathize, encourage, and tell it to you straight. That’s why I created the Women Physicians Flourish podcast  – so we can join our tribes and recognize the power we have to change things for the better, for ourselves, our families, our patients, and other women in healthcare.

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Women Physicians

What will an audience member gain by listening to this podcast?

"A better understanding of the reasons they are unhappy in their careers and what to do about it. A feeling of connection to other women physicians, and the associated sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you're not alone. Evidence-based tools for dealing with negative self-talk, burnout, body image, parenting, and more. Talking points for leaders to use when advocating for physician wellness resources. "

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Women Physicians Flourish! The title is statement of intent: to bring science, stories, and amazing people to help all women physicians flourish.

Podcast: Women Physicians Flourish

About this podcaster

Rebecca Lauderdale is an internal medicine doctor in the Deep South who has firsthand experience of burnout and has not only overcome it, but is on a mission to help other physicians who are struggling. Dr. Lauderdale brings personal experience, science, stories, and evidence-based practices to help physicians of all types, but especially women, to avoid or heal from burnout and live flourishing lives.
Rebecca Lauderdale, MD, FACP

The Power of Having a Posse

Taming the Inner Critic, understanding the Phonological Loop

Joy, Weight, and Body Image

Women and Invisible Labor

Overcoming Setbacks

Physicians don’t have a resilience problem; we have a self-valuation problem

Self Trust

A Quote to Remember

Women Physicians don't need more resilience. We already have that in spades. This podcast focuses on the evidence and the stories that really move the needle toward flourishing

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