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Type of Space:Facebook Group

Women Healthcare Professionals Thriving in Life, Health & Financial Freedom

Organizer: Charmaine Gregory MD FACEP

Female healthcare professionals looking for a space where they can develop personally, be surrounded by supportive colleagues, looking to grow in health, wealth, and mindset.

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More about this space:

We work hard for our patients, clinics, practices, and families but usually put our own health and happiness at the bottom of that neverending to-do list. That can cause stress, unhappiness, and burnout!
In this community I want us to come together to empower, share, encourage, support, and lift each other up in all areas of our lives.
We will discuss ways to make sure we fit in our own health, balance work with family, and ways to create a life of financial freedom.
I want you to CONFIDENTLY take your health and happiness into your own hands.
Come to our community to get the resources, tools, techniques, and mindset hacks that will help you to live vibrantly!

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“It's a clever & needed resource because it allows so many of us to equally help each other grow”

NOT Your Average Health Networking

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