Wendy Schofer, MD

Mother, Coach, Pediatrician


Wendy Schofer, MD is the Weight Coach for the Whole Family.

Let’s rewind for a minute: As a board-certified pediatrician and lifestyle physician, Wendy found that all her medical training didn’t make her immune to having concerns about her own family’s weight and health.

The classic medical prescription of “Eat Less, Move More” fell on deaf ears with her own kids and created a whole lotta drama, which looked like food fights, sneaking snacks and mandatory fun.

Wendy realized that her medical knowledge was being used to control what her kids ate and how they moved. She was weakening the relationship her kids had with their bodies and food, and weakening the relationships she had with them.

Coaching changed it all. Wendy’s own relationship with food and her own body changed. She stopped fearing junk food and telling herself “no.” Her relationships with her kids changed. All because she changed. She became the parent her kids needed, and created a ripple effect of health throughout the family.

And that’s when she started sharing this approach with her patients. Addressing parents’ concerns about pediatric overweight (our own drama) helps us to become the parent our kids need right now. Kids don’t need a diet, they need parents who have the tools to support them, love them and model healthy relationships with food.

Wendy is the dual-certified life & health coach who specializes in helping you parent without all the food and body drama. It’s Weight Coaching for Your Whole Family.

Wendy additionally coaches physicians who want to stop dreaming and start living the dream. Create the work and life that you want to balance.

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"Your healthy weight is created by building strong relationships with food, body, and family."
Wendy Schofer, MD
Wendy Schofer, MD
Mother, Coach, Pediatrician

"Your healthy weight is created by building strong relationships with food, body, and family."


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