We help motivated health experts stand-out in a centralized online space: a collective PR & marketing digital solution run by physicians

SoMeDocs, short for Doctors on Social Media, was created to help health experts stand out in today’s complex online world. Why? Because the digital space is increasingly how we connect.

Our website wasn’t just built for the expert, though. We built it for you, the curious rest of the world. Because now, you can connect with verified health experts right here, in our public space.

Listen to their podcasts, for example.

Take their courses.

Attend their virtual events.

No matter where or who you are, this website will help you find the resources that work best for you.

So get ready. ‘Cause we’re not your average health website.

We are always striving to improve this space. Please take the time to look through the site and send us feedback using the contact form.


We have courses geared for both doctors AND the public. More coming soon!

Harvey Castro MD MBA

Harvey Castro MD MBA

Serial Entrepreneur, Published Author, Successful Medical Start up companies. On NBC Telemundo Univision

Corinne Menn, D.O., FACOG, NCMP

Corinne Menn, D.O., FACOG, NCMP

Board Certified OBGYN and NAMS-Certified Menopause Specialist providing women’s telehealth, patient education, and breast cancer survivorship care.

“The clear-headed vision of working together with SoMeDocs has led to my 6-episode show. I am hooked. SoMeDocs is tops.”

Samuel Shem, MD

Author of "The House of God"

Who's Behind SoMeDocs?

a board-certified internist turned digital consultant & designer, Dr. Corriel works tirelessly to create out-of-box solutions for experts to market their creations: from companies, to brands, to intellectual property.

Check out her website for more.

Why SoMeDocs?

With 40,000 followers and growing, we’re doing something right..


Not Your Average Health Website

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