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Below, you’ll find form links for the Specialty Databank and department profiles. Your email will also be added into our Teachable space, where you can find links to our monthly office hour.

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Specialty Databank profile:

We’re going to build you a profile in our Specialty Databank, based on your specialty. We nickname these “digital business cards”: they’re better than your average flimsy card & you don’t have to be physically present to share them. It tells people about you, in a nutshell, giving them a sneak peek into your strengths & goals.


Department Profile:

You ALSO have an option to be uniquely showcased in our more “niched-down” space, our “departments”, in which we carve out a page to showcase you. This is accessible to the public, and anyone who’s looking for an expert, which means that as SoMeDocs.com grows, so do you.

Pick the department that best suits your work and goals:

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