Visualize Building a Course as More Than Just Building a Course

Dana Corriel MD likes to visualize the concept of a physician building a course online like they're lining up shelves.

I often get asked about building courses online.

It isn’t every day, after all, that you find physicians teaching, and certainly not doing it in their own course, and online.

But we’re branching out, as a field, and we’re finally taking charge of what we build.


Here’s how I like to visualize a course for any physician who’s considering building one:

Many of the courses that we build will be just one offering of a much larger personal brand; and most doctors will likely create more than one course.
Even if it isn’t another course you create, it could be something else that your followers eagerly soak up.
  • Like a podcast.
  • Or consulting services.
  • Maybe a series you’ve produced (or have SoMeDocs produce for you!?) that’s enticing enough to then offer you a speaking spot.
  • You may be asked to write a chapter in a book. Or maybe even be the subject of the book itself!


No one knows the opportunities that lie ahead.


I like to have folks at conferences think about it like a shop that you’re building (the personal brand), and in that shop, there’s a variety of products you’ve created, on display.

If you’ve seen me lecture about this before, then you might remember the photo I made of the billboard above the shop, into which I photoshopped my face.
It was funny! I also realize you needed to have been there to laugh now.
Your course is typically just one (even if it’s the first) in a multitude of products that can help lead to increased thought leadership, or revenue.
That course may help your brand get its start, but your brand will grow from more than just that course.
It’s all about how you frame yourself in the equation, and how you lay out your growth in the path to success; it’s about building out your shop, slowly but surely, and lining up your shelves.
You want to look at the big picture of that shop, diversifying your products, and take your time.

I hope that you consider lining up your own shelves, in the personal brand shop of your store.

Because as physicians, we’re not just selling. a T-shirt.
We’re actually selling valuable knowledge and experience, that took us a damn long time to earn.
And no one can truly replicate that. And if we do that outside of our external employers (even as we work for them. Remember to get it in writing so what’s yours is yours!!), WE OWN OURSELVES & OWN WHAT WE DO.
Make sense?
SoMeDocs is now featuring SoMeDocs COURSES, where your courses can be created, hosted, showcased, & even marketed. It’s a really cool endeavor that brings together motivated physician entrepreneurs who believe in the impact of packaging up expertise.

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