Date: November 2022
Sponsor: SoMeDocs

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At SoMeDocs, we believe every health expert can be a celebrity in their area of expertise. So we help spread the word on what each doc is working on. No doc is left behind.

We host a unique monthly speed-networking session for our members, the world’s leading health experts. We then share a short, edited snippet of the session with the rest of the world, to introduce our experts & share the latest our talent is up to.

How can you get involved? Take a listen and help with our “asks”. You can find these experts’ profiles on our website, here.


Here’s exactly what it is.

We realized that entrepreneurial physicians need a place where they can regularly meet, and for a short and impactful period of time. So we came up with our speed-networking hour!

We meet virtually (so anyone, anywhere can attend), & each member who shows up gets 90-seconds to pitch who they are, and what they need help with that month.

We additionally record the session, and edit it into a shareable snippet, so that everyone can help each other spread the word.

Here’s how.

You can join any of our sessions be becoming a member. That’s it. Check back here, in this page, ahead of time each month, to add the next networking session to your calendar.

When it’s time, access the link through your member hub.

Yes and No.

At this time, we are experimenting with bringing in the ‘professional development’ experts who are participating in our monthly lectures, during the month of their lecture.

We also include a sponsor (doesn’t have to be a doctor) who pitches their own work.


It is up to you to share about yourself, and anything important going on for you that month. If anyone is interested in what you’re doing, they can link up (finding you through your SoMeDocs profile)!

We are newly introducing ‘themes’ to our networking sessions, where we discuss something in common each time, as a prompt, to allow us to know each other better, and as more than just the businesses we represent.

Here’s an example pitch (without the theme for that session included):

“I’m Dana Corriel, MD, the creator of SoMeDocs. This month, I’m working on the debut of my recorded series on Why Healthcare is Broken. I’d love for you all to click into it, find an episode you connect with, and share with your audience.”

“Hi, I’m Daphne Brown, a physician podcaster who’s looking for new ideas to take my podcast in a new direction. My latest season did well, but I need a fresh lens. Anyone out there also interested in coming on? I am looking to interview people who have opened up their own practices.”

“I’m George Mortimer and I’m an expert in writing. I would love to figure out how to connect with more doctors, as I offer a service that helps with copywriting of blogs, and I know physicians could use the help, and I could certainly use the clients.” 

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