Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Kristin Ondecko Ligda



What I make:

Laser-Engraved or Cut Wood, Acrylic Products.

What inspired me to make it:


I’ve always been a crafter and creator.  Nearly 9 years ago, I bought one of the first Silhouette Cameo 2s when they came out.  I loved the idea of open ability to design and create.  For many years, vinyl based crafts were a passion, a craft therapy from the daily grind.  I had followed laser cutters and had wanted one for several years.  When the pandemic cancelled my travel plans, I turned my 40th birthday into a gift for myself in October.

When we realized that our local COVID rates were rising, we had the option of having our daughters at home on a livestream.  They needed something to during the day…so literally 6 weeks ago, we launched Two Girls and a Laser.  We are mostly on Google Form right now (tinyurl.com/marsornaments2020) as we had a need for local ornaments featuring our hometown spaceship (Mars, Pennsylvania) and schools.  We have been busy!



Interesting fact about actually making it:


While I do a lot of the designing in the Silhouette Software, my girls are the workforce behind it!  They are staining/painting or sealing wood, cutting the wood, packaging ornaments, ordering shipping labels and more!  They are using their funds for personal purchases, savings and also for philanthropy such as Ronald McDonald House (a place we volunteered at often as a family), our hometown local Food Pantry and animal shelters. We have made everything from ornaments to coasters to wall décor to cutting boards in the past few weeks.



What I do as my day job:



Where you can purchase my gift:


 tinyurl.com/marsornaments2020 and then from there, email us at twogirlsandalaser@gmail.com to set up custom orders.  We will launch on Etsy (etsy.com/twogirlsandalaser), Instagram (@TwoGirlsandaLaser) and Facebook (@TwoGirlsandaLaser) soon!  Otherwise, follow our hashtags on Social Media (#twogirlsandalaser)



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