The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook is a practical, humorous, medically accurate head-to-toe guide for the common injuries, illnesses, anxieties, and “risky business” choices that frequently trip up young adults. Food poisoning advice starts with “don’t puke in the sink” (that clogs dorm sinks!) rather than the annual prevalence of E.coli in hamburgers. Do you know when a sprained ankle really needs an x-ray? What to do if you might have a concussion? What if you fell asleep with your contacts in, and wake up with one stuck? What helps if you can’t sleep, or if you develop severe test anxiety? Is smoking pot any worse than drinking alcohol? What do you really need to consider about getting piercings or tattoos? Dr. Grimes answers all these questions and so many more, plus she shares her shopping list so you can make the best college first aid kit ever!

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