Genre: Mindfullness/Mindset

Coach: The Physician Wayfinder

I help physicians learn to embrace the beautiful space between the world of medicine and way we choose to show up in it.
Dympna Lynch Weil, MD
Dympna Lynch Weil, MD

Coach: The Physician Wayfinder

Genre: Mindfullness/Mindset

I help physicians learn to embrace the beautiful space between the world of medicine and way we choose to show up in it.

What I Do as a Consultant or Coach

-It is getting to a place of knowing that not everything we have believed about ourselves is true – and we have AGENCY, we have choice in how we show up in our lives and in how we choose to tell our own stories.  That is profoundly empowering.

-When one of my clients, a pediatrician,  began a session in the midst of the pandemic and vaccine misinformation, and was ready to quit her job in no uncertain terms – and at the of our 45 minutes she said she felt “lighter” and was “…ready for another week actually”.  That meant everything.

Client successes will be in their willingness to explore how things could be different and be open to considering different possibilities.

This client gives insight into how it is working with me: “You are truly thoughtful. You are provocative (in a good way), challenging (in a really great way) and clearly care about your clients. Your ability to truly understand a female, mother, physician perspective is priceless.”

Topics I Specialize in

  • Physician life (ie: business coaching – changing jobs, running a practice, charting, office personnel disputes, etc)
  • Work-life harmony
  • Parenting
  • Health matters (personal or with others in family)
  • Relationships
  • Medical litigation support
  • Infertility support
  • Residency programs/mindset work
  • Reconnecting our minds and bodies
  • Feeling “stuck”
  • “I should be happy-itis”
  • If you are human, and have something on your mind, we can coach on it together 🙂

My Ideal Client

The physicians who gives heart and soul to their work and somewhere along the journey might have lost some pieces of themselves… -their love for themselves -their patience -their self compassion -their inner peace -their joy -their freedom -their love for their work -their self-confidence -their humanity -their harmony

What Client Success Looks Like to Me:

Client success looks different from one client to the next - it would be hard for me define! At the beginning of our session, we spend time finding out what it is the client wants to talk about and what it is he/she wants to be different when we are done with our time together. So, success would be partnering with the client to help them create their own best life - whatever that looks and feels like to them.
Dympna Lynch Weil, MD
Dympna Lynch Weil, MD
Dympna Lynch Weil, MD

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