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The Mindful Healers Podcast

At a glance: Discover the power of the pause, the magic of presence, and what's possible when you choose to live with mindful intention.
Jessie Mahoney Podcast

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The Mindful Healers Podcast is here to help you learn to pause and be present, awaken your breath, and harness the ripple effects of mindfulness for radiant health.

Dr. Mahoney and Dr. Liang are a pediatrician and a pulmonologist with over 30 years of cumulative experience in physician wellness, as well as special training in mindfulness, mindset coaching, and yoga. 

In their podcast, they share the power of the pause, the magic of presence, and what’s possible when you choose to live with mindful intention. They treat their listeners to tips and stories about the benefits of living a mindful life and they share the message that mindfulness is available anytime, anywhere, for anyone. 

“We get you. We know you. We are you. 

We have both been successful on the surface yet struggling underneath. 

We have both had cluttered brains, been overwhelmed, and exhausted. 

We are healers who have found solutions and want to share them with you. 

Join us to discover a better way.”

Jessie Mahoney Podcast

ideal listener

Our target listeners are healers and caregivers of all kinds who want to experience more peace, presence, contentment, and connection in their lives. They are interested in exploring how mindfulness and coaching can change their perspective and experience of life for the better. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, parents, physicians, nurses, and humans.

What will an audience member gain by listening to this podcast?

"Our listeners will experience more peace, contentment, connection, and calm in their life as a result of listening. We share experiential mindfulness practice, practical tips, and strategies for living and more mindful healed and whole life. We aim to entertain and create community. Each episode ends with a mindful moment an opportunity for listeners to practice mindfulness. "

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Discover the power of the pause, the magic of presence, and what's possible when you choose to live with mindful intention.

The Mindful Healers Podcast

About this podcaster

Dr. Mahoney is a Board-Certified Pediatrician and the founder of Pause and Presence where she supports women who work in healthcare through mindful coaching. She specializes in easing struggles with relationships, parenting, career transitions, and burnout. Dr. Mahoney was a pediatrician and physician wellness leader at The Permanente Medical Group/Kaiser Permanente for 17 years. She speaks nationally on both wellness and mindful approaches to relationships. She is a leader of the Mindful Healthcare Collective. She is a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga on zoom and Youtube as well as at retreats and conferences around the world. She offers a special brand of “mindful yoga” for healers as a nourishing gift for mind, body, and spirit.
Jessie Mahoney MD

The Mindful Healers Podcast covers all topics that can help you live a more mindful life. Topics are chosen that can help you learn to declutter your mind, be more present, and start truly living your “one wild and precious life.” Topics include mindful love, parenting with presence, practicing mindful medicine.  We touch on compassion, personal growth, and development

Some recent episodes include: Why Intentions Are Better Than Goals, Choose How You Spend Your Time and Energy, UnBecoming, Allowing Yourself to Shine, Allowing Joy, Down Days, Building A Mindful Scaffold, Mindful Minimalism, How To Be A Better Mom, Your Relationship With Your Mom, Mindful Entrepreneurship, and Mindful of Delight.

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Ni-Cheng Liang, MD

Mindful Healers Podcast

Teaching healers to pause, be present, awaken their breath, and harness the ripple effects of mindfulness to create radiant health.

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